Thursday, 24 June 2010

More Deaths in Afghanistan

A Ridgeway armoured vehicle

Four British soldiers have been killed in a road accident in Afghanistan. They were part of a police advisory team and were killed near Gereshk on Wednesday evening.

Three soldiers were from 1st Battalion the Mercian Regiment and one soldier from 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, who was attached to 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment.

They were travelling to help in an incident at a nearby checkpoint when the Ridgeback armoured vehicle, in which they were travelling, rolled off the road and ended up under water.

The MoD said that enemy action was not thought to have been involved. Eighteen soldiers have died this month, taking the toll of British soldiers killed in this war to 307.

A fellow blogger, with years of military experience, writes his 'tribute' to the departed McKrystal. The strategy for this war, if there ever was one, is in shreds. Not a peep from the Westminster government about the development in the US. Find some backbone Mr Cameron and bring our troops home.


靜如 said...
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Amusing Bunni said...

What sad and awful news, Subrosa.
I wish these war mongering tards would bring ALL our troops home. THis is a war that can't be one.

The only reason obummer got rid of General McChrystal, is because he wasn't in favor of "don't ask, don't tell". The rolling stone article was just a convenient smokescreen.

Joe Public said...

"Find some backbone Mr Cameron and bring our troops home."

Or, sent 50% of all MPs out there for 6 months so they may personally experience the risks & hardships our troops face daily.

subrosa said...

I thought the magazine article was an excuse Bunni. Good to hear how you felt about it. I so wish America would rise up in protest about this. Did you see Jeanne Tomlin's post on my earlier blog. Jeanne is American too.

subrosa said...

Joe they wouldn't last 6 days or, in many cases, 6 hours.

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