Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Yesterday I ordered a new mobile phone and it has arrived this morning. Why can't service be like that everywhere?

That point aside, I'm told to 'play with' this new phone and if the reception is poor or if I just can't use it, then I can return it within 7 days and the online company says they will do their best to find me a replacement. That's not a bad deal.

I was thinking. isn't it strange I've ordered a touch screen mobile when I hate using laptop touchpads? I've never even thought of using the internet on a telephone although my nearest and dearest continually buy all the latest Mac products. An iPhone was out of the question, not just because of purchase price but the monthly contract rate to 02, so it was suggested (by the Mac lover of course) that I look for an android phone.

As I write this my new android 'big screen' phone is at my side blinking, or perhaps that's winking. Now I'm off to have a another look round. It'll possibly take far more than 7 days for me to work out how to make calls and use the alarm, but it's important I keep up with the times. To substantiate my purchase the phone cost peanuts and the contract, although for 2 years, is the same as I've been paying to another company for years with a phone which has no internet access, has worn lettering and it's completely my aversion to 'modern' phones which has caused this transition. I needed a new one because the battery in my present one is going and the letters/numbers are now non-existent and therefore impossible to see.

The other company relied upon my loyalty because I've always been with them (14 years) and couldn't even offer this phone or any touch screen phone unless I paid in excess of £30 a month. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to read the papers while waiting in the checkout queue at Tesco - although I won't be reading The Times now it is pay-as-you-go.


Joe Public said...

"......when I hate using laptop touchpads....."

I'd like to suggest a MacBook for its TouchPad alone.

Ignore the Fanbois perpetual adoration of everything Mac; Mr Job's crew can sometimes write software just as counter-intuitive as Mr Ballmer's. However, no laptop has such a silky-smooth & responsive TouchPad.

1 finger mouse movement; two-finger scrolling.

Hamish said...

Indeed why can't service be like that everywhere.
When I started my own business, I was used to sloppy service and long delays in obtaining goods.
I was pleasantly surprised by the service provided by the suppliers of electronic components. If you put the order in by 5pm one day, you got the goods before 12 noon the next day. Reliably.
It should not be the exception.

I will take issue with you on your last point about the Times charging for content. I think pay-as-you-go is a good business model.

subrosa said...

Joe, there's a Macbook here but I prefer my iMac with it's big screen and wee mouse.

subrosa said...

Ah well Hamish. I think the Times' move to pay as you go won't work. Time will tell I suppose.

The FT survives so the Times may do.

If all the papers I read went to payg, it would cost me far too much each month. I'd give up reading them.

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