Thursday, 3 June 2010

FMQs 3 June 2010

This week's questions included the allegation that Scottish newly qualified teachers could not find a job, a rural area's complaint that they do not receive 24-hour NHS care and the Scottish Investment Bank.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


bit off topic but read this and thought of you......

That you might be interested that is and your other co-conspirators

Viscount Monckton, another fallen idol of climate denial

Professor John Abraham's withering scrutiny reveals how the gurus of climate scepticism repeat a pattern of manipulation

Apogee said...

Mr. Mxyzptlk , Good evening.
Well, I have spent about 30 minutes on the trail you say exists but apart for what I call a load of puff in various Guardian articles and a couple of 404's, I have not found anything debunking Lord Monckton, apart from a claim that he is not a Lord.
Seems he is a hereditary Lord,so that claim falls.
George Monbiot has "form" as a supporter of the global warming story an most of the articles seem to have been written by him. I cannot see /find the debunking article by Professor John Abrahams
but if there is a working link to the article I would be interested.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Hope this helps

subrosa said...

Oh Niko, you've just reminded me a I have superb post to write about the propagandists who tell us we're doomed.

subrosa said...

One American scientist says Monckton is wrong Niko? I'm not a Monckton follower, I form my own opinions.

Never mind Niko, once the price of your utilities and mine go through the roof in the next couple of years, remember this. You're saving the planet for your grandchildren. To hell with their health, education and well being, you'll be happy to sell your house to some labour millionaire MP because you can't afford to heat it.

Well done.

Dramfineday said...

Having listened to it (and listen again if you will) who's doing the finger druming when the FM is speaking? Time that was stopped.

subrosa said...

I heard that too Dram but couldn't decide which side it came from. Could be the libdems or labour. Don't think it was the tories.

Time it was stopped indeed. I noticed the PO brought the proceedings to a brief halt today and John Swinney alerted Eck.

Apogee said...

Hi again, Nico. Well, I waded through the Professor's talk.Thank you for the link.
Sorry but I wasn't convinced.
His method of delivery is to deliberately jump back and forth in a manner which stops you concentrating fully on what he is saying, while referring to screen grabs of very poor quality,which cannot be read without extreme effort.Some not at all.

He refers to the hockey stick graph, but that has been so thoroughly debunked and discredited that no one believes it any more.

Polar bears. People have counted them and the numbers are four times as high as forty years ago.

Evidence on emails that an attempt was made to "lose" the medieval warm period.

And to prove to me at least that things are colder, snow still on the Ochil hills up till the last week in May, not happened for a few decades at least.

And there is more, but I haven't the time.

I haven't attempted references,its all on public record.

One thing I will say, climate changes, and there is damn all we can do about it. We couldn't do anything about a little bitty volcano, and look at the havoc that created, with the help of the met office, who by the way don't do too well on short range weather forecasts either,never mind trusting them on hundred year plus climate change predictions.

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