Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ever Regretted A Slogan?

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On a serious note the American blogger Barking Moonbat has a rant about the handling of the oil spill by the US President. Worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the kind of thing you'd find over at my place ;-)

Whoever came up with that slogan at the ad agency has probably now been promoted to fetching the coffee from Starbucks .... for the teaboy.

However, it is a perfect example of life imitating art ;-)

subrosa said...

It is Gotty, I perhaps should have sent it to you!

They'll be sacked by now anyway I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

No worries Rosie, I meant that it was the kind of gottish thing that i would make up.

On this occasion though it appears that the phrase'You couldn't make it up' seems to cover it nicely ;-)

This all reminds me of when I did a little bit of work for an agency, back in the day, where I knocked up a logo for a Shell. It took about half an hour but the Boss still charged £10k for it. He said something about 'clients perceived value', or some such bollocks.

I, of course, just got paid for my time. About 15 quid as I recall.

subrosa said...

The design studio won't be worried anyway Gotty. As you say they'll have had the cheque cashed a lot time ago.

English Viking said...

The T shirt is funny, but so is the 'click to enlarge' underneath the photo of a flat-chested lady.

subrosa said...

English Viking, have you been improving your courage before the match?

It's the writing on the T shirt which has the message, not the body.

English Viking said...

I'm just warming up now with a very large tankard of Carlsberg!


Dramfineday said...

A Hamlet cigar moment I think!

subrosa said...

I see it's a draw EV. At least they weren't beaten.

subrosa said...

A good book and peace and quiet here I think Dram.

English Viking said...


If we can't beat the Yanks, what hope have we against the likes of Spain, Argentina, Brazil or Germany?

I am disappointed, but not surprised.

subrosa said...

EV, I didn't watch the match as I'm a rugby person. Actually I would have done but everywhere I went today all I heard was 'The Match' and I'd had enough by teatime.

By the news reports England will have to do better it seems. Let's hope they do.

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