Sunday, 27 June 2010


Yesterday a British soldier died in the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham from wounds he received in a blast in the Nahr-e Saraj North District of Helmand Province on 10 June.

He belonged to the 4th Regiment Royal Artillery and was on a joint patrol with the Afghan National Army when his vehicle was struck by an explosion.

His death, announced as Britain marked Armed Forces Day with a series of events, takes the number of British Troops who have died in the Afghan campaign to 308.



Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

and Dave Cameron has said he is quite willing to see many more British forces deaths up to near the next election.

At which point if the opinion polls are dire he will pull out the troops
in the vain hope of gaining some support to win an election.

I mean the bloke is despicable if we should not be there bring back the troops
and if we are there for a good cause whether the troops come home should not be based on the nearness of an election.

Gordon whatever any one says did not pull out the troops just to gain a few percentage point in the polls...and it would of benefited him if he had.

Cameron rewrites the Covenant he says which was rewritten before him........He doesn't explain what happens after he leaves office will it be rewritten once again or just ignored.

Cameron and co are fond of their triple locks why not have one for the armed forces 'covenant' with the force of the law behind if.

I'll tell you why because the politicians may have to honour the commitment with hard cash..

Tory Totty Online said...

I don't entirely agree with you Mr M. This is not purely political. Having said that, every tragic life lost is a life too many.

subrosa said...

Why is Cameron despicable yet it was yer last two 'heros' who have kept our troops there Niko?

Gordon couldn't care a toss about the military Niko as you well know. All he was interested in, and his predecessor, was the fawnings from the White House.

All Seeing Eye said...

A sad reminder today that we aren't the only country 'in it'...150th Canadian KIA in Afghanistan(also the third female KIA).

"Master Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht, 34, of Wallaceburg, Ont., who was married and on her second tour of Afghanistan, and Pte. Andrew Miller, 21, of Sudbury, Ont., had gone out with troops sent to defuse an improvised explosive device, which the military said the Taliban had planted in the doorway of a house."

subrosa said...

It's maybe not all political TT but the majority of it is. Otherwise I agree with your sentiment.

subrosa said...

Thanks for that ASE. I'd be here full-time if I documented every casualty so I decided to stick with our own, although I've said on many occasions we mustn't forget the sacrifices of other countries. Sadly we have the second highest next to the US.

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