Friday, 25 June 2010

The Absconder Returns

Rumour has it here that Gordon Brown was last seen on the Summer Solstice ploughing through the snows of the Cairngorms (pictured) along with several all-weather skiers.

However, he appears to have dusted himself down, donned his uniform of suit and drab tie and taken the Easyjet to London. Quentin Letts has the lowdown.


Anonymous said...

Quentin Letts is far too good for the Daily Mail. Why isn't he with a proper paper? I’ve an aunt who reads this ‘paper’, but she’d never understand the subtle humour of Letts.

It seems that Mr Brown felt the need to pray, because that's all he stayed for. That and a chat with some other early riser. I agree that a few minutes of La Spelman, expenses queen, would be enough to drive out the mice never mind grumpy old Scots, but really, I think his constituents deserve better. It's not like he has ministerial responsibilities; he's not on any committees; he's not in the shadow cabinet, so what was he doing in London? No place to visit, as has been his excuse in Kirkcaldy, no supermarkets to open, because he's only the member for Kirkcaldy. Nothing else.

Starting work at 10.30 am, and knocking off at 10.36 and that, only for the second time in 6 weeks, means his hourly rate must be some fabulous amount! I guess he must have started working on his book, and attending parliament must get in the way.

I’m mystified as to why people who once were “something” seem to think that they can go on being “something”, even when their boss (in this case the British public) has sacked them.

subrosa said...

I'm mystified too Tris, but only as to why the good people of Fife keep voting for the man.

As for Quentin Letts, I entirely agree.

Maybe the DM pay him more than any other paper has offered.

gildas said...

I wonder what he has been up to - rumours of strange behaviour and therapy abound. But to be fair to the chap (that's not like me) maybe he was just tired and putting his feet up!

subrosa said...

Well gildas, Quentin Letts reports he's looking fine and even a little plump.

Perhaps he's been partaking a little too much of Anstruther fish suppers.

Barking Spider said...

Rumour has it that after his lightening six-minute visit to the Commons, he was off on the self-serving scrounge for cushy post parliamentary employment, SR.

subrosa said...

That wouldn't surprise me in the least BS. It'll be a nice wee earner while he hangs fire waiting for the ermine shawl.

Anonymous said...

gildas... if he was in need to 5 weeks R&R, I think we can count ourselves lucky he wasn't Prime Minister on May 6.

Well, we can count ourselves lucky anyway.

But if he needs some down time, could he please next time arrange it for the holiday times. It's not that they are few and far between in the Commons. We are paying him to work right now!

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