Wednesday, 12 May 2010

When Does Inappropriate Turn to Offensive?

A few week's ago I came across the above advertisement on Cold Steel Rain's blog. I found the advert very distasteful - so much so that I emailed the ASA for the first time in my life.

Make up your own mind. The music is Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings - often played at funerals, military funerals included.

Sadly Warburtons has forgotten we are still presently at war or perhaps, like many, they chose to ignore the fact.


Indyanhat said...

It made me feel somewhat sick as well Rosie!

Cold Steel Rain said...

I had a think about this Ad and did wonder if I was being a little bit precious when it annoyed me.

But no - it's offensive - insensitive and should be withdrawn.


Richard said...

I don't disagree with you often, but I do on this one. I find it rather affectionate and touching - the humour is gentle and kind. To say that Warburton's are forgetting or ignoring the fact we are at war is inferring a meaning that just isn't there.

If the ad used a coffin draped in a Union Flag with a military escort, I would agree wholeheartedly - but it doesn't. It's just a humorous whimsy Where do you get the link to the war from?.

There are worse things than this to be offended about.

Sophia Pangloss said...

"Breaking News - Dundee wifie needs tae get a grip."

Barber didnae write this beautiful piece for funerals, so please dinnae hi-jack his work.

Warburton's hae a sense o' humour, as their other adverts show, and God help us aw if we cannae hae a laugh.

Are ye really that stuck fer things tae get wound up aboot? When there's shenanigans aplenty gaun oan in Westminster that really matter?

Or have ye decided tae follow that auld saw 'If ye cannae beat them, then just take offence at them'?

The Cowboy Online said...

I think it's crass, in poor taste, but I don't expect everyone to agree with me. It's up to the individual to judge it for themselves. Complaining to the ASA is a step in to the world of the righteous, and that isn't a world I want to be part of.

subrosa said...

Of course there are worse things to be offended about Richard, far worse.

It's just where I'm sitting, I found this insensitive, considering we're at war.

subrosa said...

Sophia, are you telling me all these years of studying music have been wasted when I've always thought that piece was Barber?

Well, I'll hud ma wheest in future. :)

Sophia, have you ever had any family in wars in foreign lands? Obviously not or you wouldn't make your comment.

Yes I know theatricals are going on in Westminster.

Indeed no, I don't do childish if I can help it 'if ye cannae beat them then just take offence at them'.

I found the advert struck a not too pleasant nerve with me and wondered how others would feel. A talking point if nothing more.

subrosa said...

Oh no I disagree a step into the world of the ASA is for the righteous. I think the righteous are delighted when us unrighteous refuse to confront them Cowboy.

subrosa said...

It was the association with the music which 'did it' for me Indyan.

subrosa said...

They won't withdraw it CSR as I said, but they did admit they'd had numerous complaints.

I wonder if most were military families?

Sophia Pangloss said...

Ma fault SR, ah wis ambiguous. Ah didnae mean he didnae write it, ah meant he wisnae scorin' a funeral. Ah dinnae think o' funerals when ah listen tae it, but then mibbe that's an age thing.

Ah'll pass by yer remark as tae ma deid relatives, cos ah'm no sure if ye're bein' high or low there.

subrosa said...

No it's no' yer fault Sophia. Yer younger than me and I doot if ye've ben tae mony military funerals in recent years.

I wsinae jist speakin o yer deid ancestors but yer living tae.

The hale advert isnae guid fur this day an' age. No when we hae laddies and lassies getting killed every week.

Auch but I'm jist a wifie wi' emotions that some fowk kin bash - like this lot.

It's no' important in the great scheme o' things but it's been controversial richt enuff. :)

Sophia Pangloss said...

Ah'm in an awfy narky mood th'night an' it's no your fault, so please accept ma apologies. Ah've been gettin' oan tae a'body cos Tory governments gie me the cholic. Ye're entitled tae yer emotions an' ah widnae disparage them, but ye cannae use them tae diminish ither folk's sense o' fun, or enjoyment o' life. When ah listen tae Barber's Adagio ah think o' lyin' oan a hill watchin' cumulus clouds scuddin' ower a wide open sky oan a summer's day. Ah dinnae like bein' telt ah've got tae think o' funerals.

Ah'll be awright when we get oorsels oot fae under this Liberal-imposed Tory government.

subrosa said...

Auch Sophia, we aw hae days like that. I wisnae spoiling onyane's fun, wus just narked at whit I say as 'no richt' fur they days. I did say 'mak yer ain mind up' - I'm wisnae expecting aw tae agree wi' me.

Heid up wummin. Maybe this lot'll be better than the last bunch. That'll no' be difficult wull it?

I'm no sayin' ye've tae think o' funerals wi' the music, but it hus been played at lots o' famous yins, like Einstein's, Grace Kelly's etc.

I still like it. I kind o' fancy it being played at mine. Mind, I'll hae tae mak the CD masel'. :)

Indyanhat said...

The reason why you get the military thing from it is because the series started with a military style pilots to their wagons/top gun theme, which it is now impossible to shake free from, for me at least.

subrosa said...

You're right Indyan, that's possibly why I find it disturbing.

Indyanhat said...

The visual programming makes no mistake in the emotional strings its pulling, the whole thing is a psychological appeal to a second World War spirit/ethic which has longbeen held in the back of peoples minds, much like the Hovis one that harked back to the good old days and the victorian work ethic of cycling free down the hill after the slog of the ascent. Clever manipulation, and the ad you mention is definitely about the 'little soldiers' (loaves going off to fight the war against hunger!
Not neuro Linguistic programming but neuro visual programming!!
I would say that the ad makers were callous of people's feelings!

How apt a verification is this 'sting' which is just what the ad is, a sting!

subrosa said...

Could it be we're more sensitive than most Indyan? Would this advert have been shown at the height of the Falklands War for example?

I don't think so. The thing is the Falklands war was recorded a great deal and images sent back to UK. That hasn't happened with Afghanistan.

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