Friday, 7 May 2010

Well Done Pete

Pete Wishart has held my constituency of Perth and North Perthshire for the SNP with 39.61% The tories came second with 30.54% and labour trailed in third place with 16.41%. Well done Pete.

Congratulations also to Mike Weir who held Angus for the SNP with 39.57% of the vote. The tories achieved 30.82% and Labour 17.22%.

It's been an election like no other I can remember and still we have no idea who will hold the keys to No 10. One thing is certain, Gordon Brown won't move unless he's hauled out.


the marquies said...

Clinging on to the seats we already have is an achievement in itself, but I fear failing to take any seats may indicate that the SNP as a party has yet to capture the popular mood. We must break into the Labour heartlands in the West, and take the liberal Edinburgh suburbs if we are to ever achieve our aim of independence.

Strathturret said...

Yes great result for Pete and Mike. Nice to see the smug sh--- Costa taking a good beating in Angus.

Proves that people with the best interests of Scotland can beat a well financed English based party.

On a wider field, Scotland is now politically a different country from rump-UK!

subrosa said...

You're right marquies. The problem is the Scots don't seem to see the SNP as having any stature at Westminster and it's been a never ending struggle to break through in Edinburgh and the west.

Will we make it? I'm hopeful the SP elections next year will give us a strong SNP government and that would help greatly.

subrosa said...

I was sad to see John Mason being cast aside Strathturret. We're certainly different. :)

Mavis B Sausage said...

Congratulations to the Angus and Perthshire SNP MPs. Obviously I am disappointed but no complaints here. I'm very sorry and disappointed that the SNP didn't do better elsewhere, I was hoping for a breakthrough. If that sounds weird coming from a Tory...well put it this way: I would love to see Scotland move away from the slough of despond that is Labour.

Captain Ranty said...

Your candidate in Banff & Buchan did well too. She won but there was a massive swing to the Tories.

Still, a win is a win. Let's see how well she performs for the constituency.

It was a helluva night for Labour though, wasn't it? I am pleased that they performed so badly south of the border.

We are still in a mess though. I guess the horse-trading begins now.


Anonymous said...

Before they get carried away with euphoria Labour and Tories should be reminded that:-

Tories + Ulster Unionists can't form a majority coalition.

Labour + LibDems + SDLP can't form a majority coalition.

The 9 seats held by the SNP and Plaid Cymru are the ones that will make the crucial difference on who forms the UK government and what legislation and budgets that will get passed by the Westminster parliament.

There is still very much everything to play for the Nationalist parties.

Allan said...

Hmmm... we are in a bit of a mess aren't we.

Regards Scotland, i think the scare tactics of New Labour won out, helped by the SNP's rather poor campaign. In that respect holding on to their 6 seats can be seen as some sort of success, but yesterday was an open goal for the SNP which they did not take by going for their "Scotland's Champions" camapign.

I think Cameron will still end up as prime minister, but unusually at this point he still has some work to do to secure that position. Depressingly what this means is a continuation of pro Thatcherite ecconomics, Brown's adherance to this is what put us in this mess in the first place.

What this result means most of all though is that this parliament will not go full term.

CrazyDaisy said...


Following all from Naples, it is a long road we travel to Independence or Full Fiscal Autonomy, we only have our wits and intelligence to protect us, Im certainwe will achieve a better future for Scotland. Only when we grow our economy and get junkies off Union subsidies & welfare will we truly become a fairer society who maintains a social conscience.

I have faith we will make it, patience is a virtue. If the Tories form a Govt we have to fight for what we want not what the Tories feel istheirs to give, 80+% did not vote Conservative, discuss!

JuliaM said...

It's looking like no-one wants to bite the bullet and try to haul him out. They are waiting for his own party to do the deed.

That's worked well in the past, right?


subrosa said...

Mave you're very magnanimous in your congratulations, but I notice the tory voters I've spoken to today weren't surprised either and aren't unhappy. (All three of them!)

I would like that too but labour, as long as they keep dishing out money for anything, will be top of the list for many.

subrosa said...

Yes she did CR. I don't know her.

You're not the only one who was pleased they were ditched in Englandshire.

subrosa said...

Nicola Sturgeon has just said there will be no deal with the tories M. At lunchtime the news was reporting 'labour are in contact with the SNP.'

Now we have to await developments.

subrosa said...

The SNP didn't have the money for the campaign Allan. It's funded from a much smaller base of course.

They did their best but it wasn't slick enough and the Scotland's champions jarred somehow.

The other parties said nothing either but did it in a more polished way - although really none are as polished at speaking as Eck.

subrosa said...

In the land of sunshine CD, lovely. Mind you it's sunny here and around 18.

People won't part with free money - that's the problem with our country CD. We have generations used to handouts and work is a four-lettered word.

But yes, patience it is. I do think a tory or a tory/libdem Westminster would be good for Scotland - well for us who want independent I really mean. :)

subrosa said...

He must know where a great many of the bodies are buried Julia.

We've always said he'd have to be removed kicking and screaming and so it is being proved...

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