Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trumped Again?

Things aren't running too smoothly for Donald Trump's billion pound golf course in Aberdeenshire.

Since he received the planning go-ahead for his project there have been many protests at the way in which the Trump empire has handled matters - not least his treatment of people who have homes in the area.

The pressure group Tripping Up Trump has claimed to have bought a 'significant' piece of land owned by Michael Forbes, whose home on the Menie Estate is under threat from compulsory purchase. TUT said they had used the same land rules, adapted to Scots law, used by the Heathrow anti-expansion protestors to buy a plot of land near the airport to block the construction of a third runway.

It was confirmed by the Glasgow-based firm of solicitors Bready & Co that TUT has now acquired land at Mill of Menie to defend the homes under threat of compulsory purchase. 'The Trump Organisation will now have to deal with many more objectors than they anticipated' they stated.

TUT spokesman Martin Glegg said thousands of members of the public will have the chance to sign up and have their names placed on the deeds, creating a major legal headache for any compulsory purchase order.

"It won't just be a few local families Trump would have to take to court to compulsory purchase it will now be hundreds of others," he said.

I wish them every success with this latest venture. Trump's behaviour at times has left families in despair and they deserve all the support they can gather to stop Aberdeenshire Council purchasing their homes under Compulsory Purchase legislation. Let's not forget, initially Donald Trump only wanted Mr Forbes' land and no other. When Mr Forbes refused to sell that is when Trump turned nasty, really nasty.


cynicalHighlander said...

Sign up link.

Hythlodaeus said...

It's a solid, tried and tested tactic. Greenpeace have used it previously, most recently during the campaign to block the third runway at Heathrow. It ended up with around three quarters of a million people owning an acre of land.

I've already signed up to this. It's unlikely to hold Trump off forever - he'll alter the plans or eventually look to go to the High Court, but it's certainly going to put a damper on some of his plans.

English Viking said...

What on earth is going on with his barnet?

How can he call someone 'unkempt'?

brownlie said...

Whilst compulsory purchase is completely out of order I wonder how the locals who would have been hoping to get jobs both in the building and maintenance of the course and ancillary jobs feel about the whole thing.

I know that if he had proposed this course in the Hebrides the opportunities would have been grasped with both hands in order to secure employment and being able to maintain a rapidly dwindling population.

WV is "mends" I wonder if it means bridges?

subrosa said...

Sorry CH I should have put the link in the post. I've signed up.

Thanks for the link.

subrosa said...

Hythlodaeus, I never knew about this tactic until I read then did a wee bit research.

You're right, it won't stop Trump but perhaps it could alter his plans.

subrosa said...

English Viking, his hair transplant became a bad hair day when that photo was taken.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, you're more knowledgeable about this situation than me I'm sure.

What angers me is the way Trump has behaved. Lies, lies and more lies. That doesn't make a community appreciable to his situation.

The Hebrides are another situation altogether because of where it is situated. People would have to spend a great deal to money to get there in the first place...

Then again, Trump only wants the wealthy so perhaps it would be ideal.

Hythlodaeus said...


Coming from the area and being in contact with many there, I can safely say that opinion is divided. Many remember how the oil industry took advantage, many see the reasons for keeping the dunes and many won't be affected by the development.
But then there is potential work for some. But builders, barmen and others from overseas will be cheaper. And the houses? Well, few of those are for the locals who are struck by job and housing problems.

subrosa said...

Hythlodaeus, opinion is far more divided than it was. When planning was first approved the majority were in favour of the development. Trump's behaviour since has radically reduced it.

Although I don't live in Aberdeenshire I'm not far away and meet people from the area very regularly. Trump's made a mess of his PR and he was continuing to do it on TV last night.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's an outrage that Compulsory Purchase Orders can be used to further a private commercial development.

Was this what the law was intended for? I think not.

Why on earth should people be dispossessed of their legal property just so that some American interloper can make a bigger profit?

It sucks.

brownlie said...


It's not just employment, is it? The service industries in the area would get a massive boost from visitors and guests in the hotel. It is all very well having beautiful scenery which is visited by very few people. I suspect the main objections are to Trump as an individual because of his arrogance and, let's face it, his wealth.

Surely anyone who knows the area would prefer a golf course to the eye-sore created, deliberately it seems, by the main objector to the scheme.

brownlie said...


It is relatively cheap to get to the Hebrides nowadays. Come and join me up there in August!

subrosa said...

It's not what I always understood compulsory purchase orders to be for Weekend Yachtsman. Usually around here they're used in connection with road building.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, I would hesitate to say the local service industries will get a massive boost if Letham Grange (another posh golf course and hotel complex in Angus) is anything to go by.

People fly in, play their golf, stay in the hotel (which does employ locals all on a very part time basis for obvious reasons) then fly out.

It's had many problems over the years because of costs. I understand they've had to reduce prices this year to attract customers.

My memories of the Hebrides aren't particularly happy ones Brownlie, so I'll pass on the invitation. Thanks though.

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