Thursday, 20 May 2010

Not In This Country

I'm a regular reader of Caledonian Comment and found this part of Jim's current post very disturbing. Let me quote you a piece of it:

' In parts of south-east Asia, the south Asian subcontinent and east Africa, acid attacks are common, particularly on women (horrific example above). The Taliban and other extremist groups have frequently resorted to throwing acid on women's faces for even small transgressions, such as daring to go out unveiled.'

There were 69 recorded hospital admissions last year for 'assault with a corrosive substance' (a rise from 44 recorded in 2006-07) and charity workers fear there is anecdotal evidence to suggest acid attacks are becoming more common.

Like Jim, I believe that this behaviour is not to be tolerated in this country and those who use their culture or religion as an excuse to disfigure someone for life should be locked away from society or go to live in a country which finds it acceptable.

Katie Piper still has nightmares and fears her attackers' release. They received 16 years and could possibly be walking the streets again in half that time. She received a lifetime of suffering.

There is strong evidence that female genital mutilation, another despicable 'cultural' practice, occurs in the UK and yet to date no prosecutions have been made. Why are we permitting this abuse to continue when it was outlawed here nearly 10 years ago? According to BMJ there seems to be a conspiracy of silence in medical circles. Is that any wonder when any medic speaking out is punished?


Indyanhat said...

This has to be a strong case for let the punishment fit the crime...

Joe Public said...

Since opposition to virtually any BME rituals gets prosecuted on the grounds of "racicism", these 'imported' acts of oppression will continue.

Oldrightie said...

Joe is spot on. These attacks are virtually all based on third world, coloured, cultural origins. Katie Piper gave herself to such a creature voluntarily and paid a heavy price for not understanding the misogynous violence engendered in those cultures.
Of course we have horrendous people in our own ethnic mix. However we have developed, or had, a social conscience, only to surrender it to political correctness and human rights. Violence, once committed, should forfeit any right to infect the rest of us.

subrosa said...

It's very tempting to agree Indyan.

subrosa said...

Unfortunately Joe, I have to agree.

subrosa said...

Yes we did have a social conscience but that too seems to have been corroded during my lifetime OR. Possibly for the reason Joe mentions.

Surreptitious Evil said...

I think that an honourable desire to see racism eradicated has been caught up with the academic idea of cultural relativism and what is seen, by some and probably incorrectly, as a captive voting block.

Put these together with a close-knit community (not always a bad thing but white Scots inter-marital violence has been hushed up by similarly tight-knit communities for generations) and add in career-ending issues like the Lawrence Report and 'those in power' can develop a deliberate blindness to some horrendous 'cultural' practices. Less significantly, look at the general acceptance of the various versions of tent, female, for the hiding of.

Looking at it a slightly different way, we (white graduate males - and females) have real issues just understanding just how pervasive the endemic violent misogyny of some tribal cultures is. Unlike the (probably drunken) husband coming home and punching his wife and/or kids - which is part of our understanding of "bad things that happen" - even to the extent of being parodied in our cartoons (Andy Capp, for example). Similarly, child rape - we can understand kids being neglected or beaten - it is difficult to comprehend the motives of people who rape toddlers (as opposed to, say, have sex with post-pubescents who cannot lawfully consent.) Similar mental disconnect.

JuliaM said...

Interesting! I've a post queued up on this for tomorrow, I think. If my router is still alive when I get home I'll link to this.

I thought this report would make more impact. But it seems the politically correct don't want to know.

Alec said...

Callous as it is to say, that Piper was an attractive White women could be used to advantage in highlighting attacks on un-numbered women in the hinterlands of the Sub Continent; as well as tribal-murders (coyly called "honour killings") in this country.

This is also absolutely related to forms of hijab. Although there are highly educated and socially successful women who chose to wear it, there's a mass of hidden women who don't have a choice.

Is this what feminism has become? As promoted by the likes of Sunny Hundal and the equally dim 'Earwiga', as soon as a non-Western socially restrictive practice comes along, these nihilists pounce on it as fascinating.

Fortunately, there's the like of Rushanara Ali daring to disagree with such self-appointed racial guardians. Fuck them all.

Is this what feminism has become?

subrosa said...

I strongly suspect your first paragraph is correct SE.

Also I understand your connection with Scottish domestic abuse but it's well known wife/children beating goes on the world over. Here domestic abuse is the result of a mentally deranged adult and not something I see as connected to tribal or religious motives.

The likes of female genital mutilation pre-planned and so are most types of 'honour' abuses.

Such a pity these things can't be discussed openly just in case someone labels you with the racist tag. The politically correct have a great deal to answer for in this country.

subrosa said...

Look forward to reading yours Julia and hope your router is alive and kicking reasonably well. Not long to go before your new one comes though is it?

subrosa said...

Yes perhaps it was rather unfeeling to use Katie Piper Alec, but there are few photographs of acid attacks available, although there have been 69 recorded last year. As I said, the medics are silent about the issue.

I've never been a fan of feminism - in fact I doubt if it ever existed. It was a cry for equality from young women in the 60s and labelled feminism. As with every kind of -ism there are those who translate the message much to the right or left.

There's nothing fascinating about one human being having another impose restrictions upon them without agreement. Nothing whatsoever.

In Afghanistan we have our troops fighting for the freedom of Afghani women. Believe me, once the troops stand down the Afghanis will revert to their 'own' society and not that imposed upon them from the west. There are never enough strong women to fight against abuse. Why? If they have children their abusers use them as a method of control and most women will do anything to protect their own.

CIngram said...

A few months ago David Thompson posted this link to pictures and stories of victims of acid attacks justified on some twisted grounds of honour. They are quite horrific and I don't recommend you click the link unless you have a very strong stomach and a genuine need to find out more about this barbaric practice.

Dramfineday said...

What was those wise words said so long ago - "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"?

On the other hand, having cast it, so should you receive it - acid for acid.

I'd imagine a quick end to this pratice if the offenders gonads were lowered slowly into a vat of something nasty.

Never mind though, the taxpayer will pay for the repairs, the ladies will pay with the horror for ever and the jokers will walk away slightly discomfoted by a period in the klink, if they are caught.

Guys, it's all about the balance of terror - and the good guys are losing!

subrosa said...

Cingram, strong stomach needed indeed. Barbaric doesn't describe it strongly enough does it.

subrosa said...

The goof guys are losing right enough Dram. The balance of justice is all wrong these days. Is it too late to readjust it?

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