Monday, 10 May 2010

"Much has changed - a terrible beauty has been born"

Joe Biden was talking to the EU Parliament while we were talking about the outcome of our election. Listen to the message.

With thanks to Richard


Sue said...

I have to admit. I didn't know whether to laugh out loud when I heard this on Richards site. Instead, I choked on my boiled egg.

Brussels is the true centre of democracy in the world?

I'm speechless!

subrosa said...

Isn't it cringeworthy Sue. I too was horrified at the underlying message when I saw it at Richard's. Hence the posting here to see what others think.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

America is the worlds prime state of totalitarian democracy run by and for the benefit of global conglomerates.

The EU has only developed the chimera of a democracy; designed primarily to adopt and advance the same models of totalitarianism.

The special relationship claimed ad nauseam by Westminster is, and has always been, a figment of political wishful posturing.

Like all lies, the posturing by Westminster as to its relevance to the world is being exposed by it's own inability to sustain the myth the lie has propagated.

In time, because it's not founded on true democratic principles the EU will founder for the same reasons.

This speech! Empty rhetoric to inspire lobotomised acolytes.

Clarinda said...

Beware those who are either at your feet or your throat. Mr Biden accomplished both attributes at the same time. The rapt attention and rapturous applause from the 'democratically' elected lumpen says it all.

So pleased that the EU now has an office in the US where the European servitude can be kept in check with our cheques.

No doubt I will be corrected - but wasn't Yates against warfare in his Easter 1916 poem despite his love for Ireland? A poem referring to the fighting between Britian and Ireland perhaps not the best choice - but maybe, as usual, the US just takes the best bits for their advantage - even in poetry.

Anonymous said...

The misquote is indeed a telling one: not because of any inferred meaning from the poem, but by reference to the poet. To quote from the Wiki's entry on Yeats:

"During the aftermath of the First World War, he became sceptical about the efficacy of democratic government, and anticipated political reconstruction in Europe through totalitarian rule"

Apposite enough for me.


Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Clarinda, perhaps I misheard, but didn't Biden refer to it as a 60s piece?

Key bored warrior. said...

Any truth in the rumour that a wee Belgian baldy dwarf who looked like a third rate bank clerk was seen running from the Nigel Farage crash site clutching a rocket launcher?

A new world order, a terrible beauty, aye thats about right.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Just goes to show E, Yeats couldn't tell his democracy from his totalitarianism.

subrosa said...

A few points arose RA. The fact that between the US and the EU they hold a massive power.

True, there is no special relationship. Just because a country gave us a loan 60+ years ago, at horrendous interest rates, doesn't mean we should be grateful.

But we're still paying with having troops fight in US controlled wars.

subrosa said...

Aye Clarinda, I notice that statement. Another few billion spent on frivolities when so many are in need.

I've check out Yates' poem and you're right.

subrosa said...

Excellent comment Edgar. Thanks.

subrosa said...

That is about right KBW.

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