Saturday, 22 May 2010

Local Letters

The past few days I've been doing my best to tidy up the garden in preparation for summer. Like many people I've lost quite a few long-standing shrubs and some other favourite perennials.

Most days I look at the letters page in my local paper. This letter caught my attention earlier. It's obviously in response to a recent thread regarding cats in the garden. I sympathise with him because I have many birds visiting the garden and the presence of even one cat can bring that pleasure to an immediate halt.

Zero tolerance for bird killers

Sir,—The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has published advice to cat lovers on how to prevent their pets from killing birds.

One recommendation is that owners should put a bell on their pet’s collar. I agree and suggest a ship’s bell or even a church one should do the trick.

source: Courier


Oldrightie said...

All God's creatures! Our Doberman is a fantastic bird protector. Cats are seen as food!

subrosa said...

My wee cairn terrier saw them off too OR. Even though it's a few years now since he died I seldom see a cat here.

Dramfineday said...
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Dramfineday said...

you can buy cat repelent plants or scatter orange peel..........appears to work for the lass mext door, all the cats come into my garden now - doh!

subrosa said...

I've seen plants marked cat unfriendly Dram but I didn't know about the orange peel. Good tip for folks struggling with the problem.

I found this short letter amusing as it was stuck in a bunch of letters about politics and local transport issues. Just seemed as if the chap was getting to the end of his tether - we've all been there at sometime. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, 50% of your council tax contributions go into paying for ex-local authority, workers' pensions. How do you feel about that? Catch the story at BTW the thing to get rid of cats is Tiger or Lion shite. Get some next time the Circus is in town.

subrosa said...

Firstly thanks for the tip DL. I'm sure readers who are bothered by cats in their garden will have a suitably large shovel and bucket at the ready waiting for the circus to come to town.

I'm off to read your link now but that figure doesn't surprise me.

Leg-iron said...

The sparrows here like to taunt the cats by sitting on the fence at one side then flying to the fence at the other.

DL - is tiger or lion crap good on rhubarb? I mean, two birds with one stone and all (er, whoops!).

subrosa said...

If I were you LI I'd stick to Growmore for your rhubarb.

Mind you DL will possibly have a different response. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Leg Ironers, I wouldn't know. I generally have custard on mine! Boom! Boom!

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