Monday, 3 May 2010

For EU Sceptics

Thanks to Captain Ranty


Billy said...

Hypocritical of the UKIP. The same arguments they use re the EU you can say for Scotland in the UK.

Should be the English Independence Party as it is all to do with little Englanders not wanting to be ruled by anyone else.

They should just stop being two-faced about it and say it.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the link Rosie.

Is it too much to ask that the rose tinted glasses are smashed and discarded?

We are in for a lot of pain over the next 5-10 years. Let's reduce it to a bearable level.

More EU = more pain.


Billy said...

Captain Ranty

We are in for a lot of pain over the next 5-10 years. Let's reduce it to a bearable level.

Agreed - same for Scotland.

More UK = more pain.

Captain Ranty said...


I seriously contemplated voting for the SNP despite the fact that they hate me.

I would only do so if we were guaranteed a referendum on independence. If independence won the day, and Scotland broke away, this would force the UK to leave Europe and renegotiate its re-entry. Scotland would also be required to beg for entry into this insidious little club of debauchery and I would hope and pray that it did not bother.

Better off alone, better off out.


wv = debit. Uncanny.

fraser said...

Billy if there was a referendam in scotland tomorrow most would vote to keep the union.And another thing i don't get are these tin-pot nationalist parties Sss.nnn.ppp! and plaid commie bang on about independance from the "evil" English and yet your happy to be a tiny state in the EU,and hollyrood will be a gloryfied parish council

subrosa said...

Nothing wrong with any country wanting independence Billy. I think there is an English Independence Party and it's possibly to do with ordinary English people wanting freedom and nothing to do with 'little Englanders'.

subrosa said...

My pleasure Cpt. Mine were smashed some years ago now but like you, I think the EU has to go. We can then be like Switzerland and Norway, pals from a distance.

subrosa said...

Billy, we would have had problems ourselves if we had been independent, we can't ignore that fact. Our biggest export is to England.

Let's not blame it on England but Gordon Brown who got us to this point.

subrosa said...

CR, the referendum depends on the unionists as you know. If we get a bigger majority next year then we have a better chance.

But I do hope the SNP revise their thoughts on the EU. That's the one policy I completely disagree about with them.

subrosa said...

I see your proud of your country fraser. It takes all sorts.

fraser said...

I am proud of my country but the snp have a chip in their shoulder.But the point i was trying to make is they bang on about independence from england yet give it away to the EU with out the union scotland will have about as much clout as Lithuania in the EU it will just be a small province.

Captain Ranty said...


Just for clarity: I don't think for one nanosecond that you own (or ever have owned) rose tinted glasses.

I meant we, the proles.

Can I assume from your second comment that independence is not just around the corner? Not, for instance, within the next 24 months?

Because it is all over by 2012. For all of us. Independence after 2012 will be academic, like Fraser says.

Two years and counting.

That damn clock will not stop ticking.


brownlie said...

Given that we will, after the election, be governed by which-ever party our more populous neighbour decides to vote in, it would not be surprising if we did have a chip on our shoulder.

What you define as a chip on the shoulder we consider to be sticking up for our rights and not being submissive to policies designed to please middle England.

Grogipher said...

Why do the SNP "hate you", Captain Ranty?

Also, as a full member of the EU Scotland would *have* a say in EU policy. A small voice is better than no voice.

Billy said...

I agree with Independence Subrosa for Scotland and England.

I just happen to think that the UKIP is hypocritical with what they say.

They seem to think that it is better for Scotland, and Wales etc, to be in the same position they do not like or agree with re the UK but it is not so good for them, ie England, to be in the same position re the EU.

Go and watch most of their stuff on youtube etc - it is mostly about England not being run by anyone else. "The Real Face Of The European Union" is a pefect example.

Before the union Subrosa our biggest exports were to Europe - as you know you should never put your eggs in the one basket. Scotland should be exporting to all different countries so that we do not rely on just one market that could bring you down when that one goes down. Other small independent countries are wise enough to do that - we need independence to do the same.

I agree with you Subrosa and Fraser we should not be in the EU either, we should be like Norway, running our own country, creating jobs for the benefit of our own kids etc and not be trying to kid that we are something in the world now when we are not. They do not need any "clout" to do anything for their people.

It is nothing to do with the English people Fraser - it is to do with the unionist parties and establishment.

The Scottish people have been fed a load of drivel by English-funded and run unionist parties and a mostly English owned press and media for such a long time so it was not surprising how the referendum polls were showing a majority for the union but the people are getting more informed now that the web is helping them to uncover the lies etc of these people so the more people become aware of these things the more the polls will change towards independence as they have been.

Captain Ranty said...


Have a butchers at this:

It will save me retyping my reasons again.


Grogipher said...

You hate the SNP because they "tabled the nasty smoker ban here in Scotland?"

Would that be the The Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005?

Captain Ranty said...

I don't hate anyone. Not even the SNP who, to my knowledge, have done me no harm. It was Labour that enacted the statute and they disgust me. But hate? No. It is obvious that they hate us though.

My point is that governments the world over oppress and oppress until the people say "Enough". For me the smoking ban was enough. It was enacted with little to no science and was shoved through Holyrood with little to no debate.

The smoking ban (as much as I hate that) is small potatoes compared to some other stuff I have researched and dragged out into the sunlight.

These days I have much bigger fish to fry.


Key bored warrior. said...

The hate cliche is well worn, I ask everyone who uses it to provide evidence but none have can you??

Captain Ranty said...

Who are you asking KBW?


Key bored warrior. said...

Sorry I misread your comments. Humble apologies.

What's the difference between Elvis and Gordon Brown?

Gordon Brown is definitely dead.'

subrosa said...

All parties want to be more in the EU fraser, not just the SNP.

When we get independence we must force the politicians to give us a referendum on the EU. That will resolve things.

subrosa said...

Ranty, thinking back, you're wrong. I did own a pair of large wine-coloured frames with rose lenses - back in the 70s!

No I don't think independence is round the corner. I've said it'll be more than 10 years. We haven't started any negotiations as yet. But it will come. My generation is the real sticking point and once we're off this earth then the situation will change.

subrosa said...

Well said brownlie. :)

subrosa said...

All parties hate us Grogipher. We're smokers you see. The great sinners who stupidly give billions a year to the treasury to keep politicians and their fancy policies going.

subrosa said...

Scotland does export globally Billy, but of course not nearly as much as they did when I was young.

We have no major manufacturing base now and we need one. Service industries are no use, we need to be exporting goods.

Billy, most of my readers know my comments are not directed at the English in any personal way. In fact I'm sure many of them couldn't care less if we were independent or not. Some would welcome it because they think we're much better off than areas of England. I don't deny I have good services here but how many would leave England and come to live in rural Scotland where jobs are limited, even though housing is far cheaper, utilities and many other essentials are more expensive.

subrosa said...

Yes perhaps I ought to withdraw the word hate. It should be disrespect, hypocritical disrespect. They won't ban smoking because they want the money.

subrosa said...

Have you heard any rumours about Brown giving up if he loses KBW? You've your ear nearer to the area than me.

banned said...

They didn't mention the EU reintroducing the death penalty.

The phrase "'little Englanders'" refers to those English who wanted nothing to do with the Empire, rather like protectionist Americans, so its use is somewhat obsolete.
As a mild Unionist I would rather you stayed within but if you wish to leave then so be it, within or without the evil EU.

subrosa said...

No they didn't, nor did they mention the EU arrest system banned.

Yes, but today it means narrow-minded English folk I suppose. There will be some, same as we have narrow-minded Scots.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

It's wise not to bite off more than you can chew.

That said, there are times when I'm concerned whether the SNP are suffering from an epidemic of lockjaw.

subrosa said...

You and me both RA. :)

I think the SNP are so intent of running a tight ship that it appears that way.

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