Thursday, 13 May 2010

FMQs 13 May 2010

It's been suggested to me that posting the BBC video of FMQs makes the event accessible to my overseas readers. This week it was ya-boo politics leaving little to summarise. The winner? No one.


Macheath said...

I heard this on the radio earlier today - it is not without reason that a relative in my ancestral home refers to Holyrood's finest as 'the Squabblies'.

scunnert said...

Salmond came across as somewhat statesmanlike I thought - trying to build bridges for the benefit of Scotland. But on the whole aye - yaboo politics. Thanks for posting this Subrosa.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

I agree with Goldie, I hope that Salmond will work with the coalition government in the national interests of all Britons....but given his refusal to welcome the immediate successes of the Con-Lib government, I hold out little hope of an end to his pathetic "gripe and grievance" politics!

That said, I also would like to bash that little twit, wits-his-name of Liebour, Scotland branch...he is orginal him eh? "Con-Dem Nation", what a twit, I can't say anything more on him. He's just too--gray and bland?

subrosa said...

It was dire again this week Macheath. Sadly it seems to be ascending into the same style as Westminster.

subrosa said...

Scunnert, you're the one who alerted me to the fact that I can do this, so I thank you. Because I cross-post this to Calling England's blog every week perhaps it will receive more interest in this format.

Mind you, there was nothing of interest today.

subrosa said...

Oh dear Dean, I thought your post was so good until I read the word 'Britons'.

This is the Scottish parliament not the UK parliament. I want politicians in the SP to defend Scotland and her interests. It's nothing to do with the rest of the UK. Why have a parliament here if we're going to bow to UK politics?

We'll have to wait and see how Salmond behaves. Let's face it, the ex labour PM wouldn't even lift the phone to the man. Can you understand why he's aggrieved?

I agree he has to stop the 'the cuts are theirs' talk. They are of course, but he has to start being transparent with the Scots about what is going to happen here.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

Lol SR,

Sorry, it wasn't a political statement, just a force of habbit- as I adentify myself as British [after European of course] statement about the aspices and duties of the Scottish Parliament intended! ;)

Hamish said...

It is hugely disappointing that the style of FMQ has degenerated.
There was optimism originally that ir would be more reasoned and constructive. Even the shape of the chamber was supposed to make things less confrontational.
Apart from the point-scoring tone, why do the participants have to shout as if addressing an outdoor meeting in a gale? There's a perfectly good amplification system.
I also find very irritating the convention that each leader's turn has to start with a totally vacuous exchange: "What's the FM going to have for lunch today"?, and such like. (Come to think of it, they wouldn't ask that -- the answer would be too long!)

subrosa said...

That's where we differ Dean. I've never identified myself as anything but Scottish. Never had any need to do so.

subrosa said...

Hamish, it wasn't great during the labour/libdem era and Salmond seemed to pull it up by it's bootstraps, but to be honest I'm sick of hearing about the cuts imposed by labour and now the condems.

Well, I should say hearing the word cuts because Salmond mentions no detail at all. If he doesn't become more honest and open that'll be the downfall of the SNP. It was these very factors which attracted so many voters.

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