Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Clean Up Begins


brownlie said...

What is that brown stuff the illegal immigrant is sweeping up?

subrosa said...

Bits of Nokias Brownlie?

JRB said...

Clean Up?
What clean up?

With all the dirty dealings and shenanigans, currently going on behind closed doors, I fear the mess may get considerably worse yet.

subrosa said...

I was hoping someone would dispute my title. Good morning John.

Indeed. There will be a great deal more sweeping to be done by the time the dirty deals are finished.

DieKaiser said...

I agree subrosa, however...

I feel there is nothing that can clean up the mess that may be made due to what can only be now a crisis of Constitution in both England and Scotland.

England has resoundly rejected Labour, whilst Scotland has confirmed our rejection for the Tories.

I personally cannot see any balance that would appease everyone, and retain the Union.

- Lib Dems & Tories: future of Lib Dems will be the same in Scotland as Tories

- Lib Dem & Labour: growing resentment and possible Civil Disobedience in England

- Tory Minority: growing resentment and possible Civil Disobedience in Scotland

- No agreement: Election in October, which will see a majority Tory voted in, and as Labour would hold power until then, possibly the election would see Labour removed as a viable Political force in the UK. Growing resentment and possible Civil Disobedience in Scotland.

I believe there is now a stain so engrained in the fabric of the Union, that nothing will hold it together, and any attempts to clean up will make the fabric of the Union weaker.

Clarinda said...

VE Day being remembered today after a failed and disintegrating political leader - holed up in his Berlin bunker until he could no longer resist the inevitable despite his desperate attempts to cling onto power finally succumbed - how things stay the same?

Sandy said...

So one day Snotty says he is willing to talk to the leaders of ANY party.

Next thing is

"Labour dismissed the SNP's progressive alliance suggestion as a desparate attempt by Mr Salmond to make himself look relevant. "

Diplomacy fail.

Gordon shows his true feelings about Scotland and the SNP.

subrosa said...

Quite right Kaiser. There is a very different political atmosphere in Scotland compared with England.

I would like your last suggestion of no agreement. Really the bullying and behaviour of the present labour party is not conducive to Scotland today.

subrosa said...

Yes Clarinda and I'm watching/listening to the medal ceremony. Thirty killed - the most since WW11 in any battalion.

Well done Gordon Brown.

subrosa said...

Sandy, the reporting of this has been dreadful. The sneering, language and insult from labour has been nauseating.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Sometimes you're proud of your countrymen by their commitment to achieve democracy by peaceful means; at other times you cringe in despair when they cling to the conventions of the docile herd and its husbandry.

subrosa said...

Docile? Many appear to be brainwashed RA. Of course the structure of the present benefits system is an aid to a docile population.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

A country has got to deserve its freedom Rosa and the benefit mindset is as much a tool of the establishment as it's a hook for the disillusioned.

Once again Scotland's shown its ingrained ability to stick with the loser it knows.

subrosa said...

It does RA. I've written a rathe rambling post about how Scotland is unable to accept positivity. Too busy today to edit it properly but the point is there I hope.

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