Monday, 31 May 2010

Another Tragic Loss

A Royal Marine has been killed in Afghanistan in an explosion the MoD has confirmed.

The marine from 40 Commando was killed in an explosion in Helmand Province yesterday. This is the second fatality the Marines have suffered within a few days. Cpl Stephen Curley, 26, who was killed last Wednesday also belonged to 40 Commando.

The total fatalities in this pointless war now stands at 289. Every loss in this was is a tragedy because we should not be there. Back in the early 2000s there may have been a case for us to there for a short time but we should have pulled out years ago. Our presence does nothing for the security of Britain - on the contrary.

David Cameron is convening a secret summit of military experts on the war in Afghanistan. The great and the good are said to be attending. It's all very well talking but it's long past time something was done about the withdrawal of our troops. I read that we cannot withdraw because the Taliban would just return to their usual behaviour. Of course they will but surely we're not going to be present for decades. If the Afghans want change in their country then let them bring it about themselves. Take those wishing to learn military skills to a neutral country and teach them there.

The time for talking is over. It's time to make our own decisions rather than wait for President Obama to give us our instructions. It's time to plan our withdrawal and whether its dignified, as some commentators say must be, or whether it's a scramble I don't care. We have little dignity left as a country being willing to rush into wars these days. Politicians started this. They must finish it. Now.


Antisthenes said...

I have only been frequenting the bloshphere for a few weeks it is a pity I did not do it a lot earlier because reading blogs such as yours I found I started to think outside the box more and analyse things in more depth. You frequently allude to the conflict in Afghanistan and prior to reading your blog I would acknowledge that I would be considered a raging hawk and would think that anyone who did not see the sense in this conflict were barmy. However although you do not explicitly explain why we should not be there you made me reevaluate my beliefs in why we should be there and I have come to the conclusion now that we should not.

subrosa said...

Antisthenes, I have an interest in military matters and that's why I write about them.

Where Afghanistan is concerned I don't swallow the argument that we're there to 'protect our streets'. That's what was fed to us until recently and it's nonsense. How can 10,000 of our military be protecting our streets when we continue to let all and sundry into the country?

Another issue is the 'plan'. Nobody knows why they're in Afghanistan other than for purely political reasons. The military have had the 'plan' changed so often but these people just get their head down and get on with the job.

Why are we interfering in another country like this - kidding ourselves that we can change their culture? If the Afghans wanted their culture changed then they could do that themselves. They're perfectly capable of bringing about change as they're not silly people.

As in all countries there are the powerful and the docile. Just look at Britain.

Now we're supposed to be training an Afghan army and police service. Most don't want to be there but the money's better than eeking out a living from farming and the poppy business is less viable in parts.

The government is corrupt and will be so for generations yet. The answer's in the hands of the Afghans and it's nothing to do with us.

Antisthenes said...

I do actually swallow the argument that we are in Afghanistan to protect our streets, to stop the setting up of terrorist training camps etc. However your blog made me think about the practicalities of being there and although the reason is genuine enough being there does not actually and will not achieve that goal. Coupled with everything else you have written which I totally agree with you are right lets get our troops home.

The consequences will be our streets will be little less safe. However for less cost to our armed forces we can just as easily retaliate from here better in fact than being there. There is so much I can write about this conflict to explain how I think but I hope you understand what it is I am trying to say.

Billy said...


Us being in Afghanistan is nothing to do with protecting our streets - it is all a pack of lies - it is to do with running an oil pipeline through the country. Nothing else!

It was nothing to do with terrorists. 911 was a pack of lies as was the London Bombings. These atrocities were nothing to do with "terrorists". Look closer to home in the Bush and Blair governments.

Go to to see the evidence by Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds who are both suing the US government and over 20 US companies and individuals forputting out lies with regard to 911. Download and look at the PDF's of the court case evidence that shows proof that the Twin Towers were turned to dust using Direct Energy Weapons.

Go to where you can get links to excellent videos regarding this, and blogs showing some of these facts and evidence.

Our troops are dying due to a pack of lies by the US and UK governments.

Antisthenes said...

Billy, I accept that western nations collude in going to war to protect oil supplies and will use a pack of lies to gain acceptance of their people. However conspiracy theories of the sort you are alluding to are pure nonsense. Our governments are far from honest and they will sometimes do things that are totally unethical but there is a limit and boundaries they dare not cross and mass murder of their own citizens is one of them.

subrosa said...

It's too late to 'keep our streets safe' Antisthenes. Too many people here now who are invisible to any authority.

You're right about retaliating from here rather than half way round the world. In fact our troops could do an excellent job just taking over the Border Control Agency for a while to show them how it's done.

I do understand what you're trying to say. It's a complex subject and to some anything to do with military matters is boring, but it's essential those responsible, both politicians and the military, are examined.

subrosa said...

Billy it's far more complex than an oil pipeline. The pipeline was laid a couple of years ago now and our military were the ones who did it. Afghanistan is a completely different culture to us. The country is rich in minerals and other valuable resources. It's just not oil but whatever it is, it's not worth the lives of 298 people and the hundreds, possibly thousands if civilians.

When we pull out, which we will do, there will be thousands more Afghanis killed by IEDs we didn't manage to destroy. That's how the Taliban keep control, with violence. We in this country keep control by fear.

Billy said...

Agree with you totally Subrosa that is what 911 and 7/7 were also all about - creating fear so that our governments could do what they wanted.

Antisthenes - 911 and 7/7 have nothing to do with conspiracy theories - you cant go to court with conspiracy theories. Dr Judy Wood has proven evidence that the Twin Towers were turned to dust with Direct Energy Weapons and just disappeared. Dr Morgan Reynolds has proved that it is against the laws of physics for an aluminium plane to go through steel and reinforced concrete - the videos were fake - there were NO planes.

When it comes to power you cannot trust any government and you cannot trust the media either.

Of course you Antisthenes being more expert than these two Dr's can just rubbish their evidence as conspiracy theory - anyone who sees this evidence and still thinks that is either ignorant of physics or just plain ignorant.

Antisthenes said...

Billy, You are obviously a nice person but I suspect quite young. Some advice, learn not to believe everything you read or hear whether it comes out of the mouths of Doctors of this and that or not and always maintain a healthy skepticism of all things. As for aluminium not being able to penetrate concrete and steel that patently is not true. Given enough force a piece of straw can penetrate a tree and has been known to have done so under extremely high windy conditions.

subrosa said...

Billy, keep calm. People won't read your comment if you insult other readers.

Just a wee tip that yer granny would give ye. :)

subrosa said...

Good advice Antisthenes. I too think Billy is young but at least he has formed an opinion which is more than many of the younger generation bother to do. They'd rather stick their heads in sand.

Billy said...

Actually Subrosa, I am 53 this year and have had a lot of experience in politics.

Also I do not buy newspapers or watch tv because they are full of brain-dead rubbish so I am a very skeptical person.

I look for evidence that is why I know that Apollo 11 did land on the moon and that is why I know that 911 and 7/7 was nothing to do with terrorists.

Antisthenes is still trying to rewrite physics...a straw cannot penetrate a tree but the wind can bend a tree with enough force to cause small cracks that the straw can be blown into with the result that when the wind drops and the tree rights itself it looks as if the straw has penetrated the tree - a proven fact.

Also an aluminium airplane CANNOT penetrate steel and reinforced concrete - it does not matter how fast a fly goes it will never penetrate a windscreen - the same law of physics as the plane.

The video of the plane going into the WTC2 is fake - I took the stills from the original video that is on one of my posts myself, anyone of you can do the same. September Clues shows how the videos are fake and how they were done. Even the backgrounds are in the wrong place and this is on the official released videos.

These are not medical doctors - Dr Judy Wood happens to be an expert in this field and you don't take the US government and over 20 US companies to court on a whim.

subrosa said...

Sorry Billy, in no way did I intend to insult you. Your writings do show the energy of someone younger who becomes drawn into a certain history.

I trust Antisthenes will read the remainder of your comment.

Antisthenes said...

Billy, I despair, for a 53 year old you show signs of naivety. You do not buy newspapers or watch TV because they are full of brain-dead rubbish, says it all, you are skeptical to the point of not wanting your beliefs to be challenged and your mind is completely closed. You will be telling me next you believe in fairies and hobgoblins. Open your mind and you will find a totally new experience awaits you. You will turn away from charlatans and soothsayers and find that you will form opinions of your own that far more reflect reality. On occasions those opinions may not be right but at least they will be yours.

Billy said...

Dear Dear Antisthenes!

These are not my beliefs - they are facts.

Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds are taking the US government and over 20 US companies and individuals to court for putting out lies with regard to 911 - Fact - why are the press and media not reporting this fact?

You have tried to change the laws of physics above and you are trying to paint me as being the opposite to what I am - I am the one with the open mind, I have presented the facts, the places to find more and instead of you going and looking at these for yourself and proving Dr Wood etc wrong you prefer to rubbish the messenger - you are the one with the closed mind!

Antisthenes said...

Billy, this could go on for ever, which I have no problem with. However sometimes it is best to call it a day. Let me leave you with this parting shot; apply some common sense and logic to your deliberations you may see the flaws in your arguments. Also you denied my assertion that a piece of straw can penetrate a tree but you did that completely out of hand but you are prepared to believe accusations that are just as implausible. My assertion has been observed and verified and the other is yet to to be. So sometimes what you see is not there and sometimes what you do not see is.

Billy said...


I gave you the explanation for the straw in the tree. I'm afraid I am using common sense and logic - the straw comes under the same laws of physics as the fly and everything else. It still does not matter how fast the fly goes it will never penetrate the windscreen - same goes for the straw and the tree.

These effects are shown in Dr Woods site - straws in trees and also sheets of plywood in trees etc.

Everything I have said is plausible as it has been proved and is being used by these Drs in their evidence in their court cases. What you are saying is that it is plausible for two 150 ton airplanes to hit and make disappear two 500,000 ton buildings - because that is what happened - they disappeared. The proof is there in full colour pictures!

Antisthenes said...

Billy I regret I will have to give you up as a lost cause. You have your view of things and I have mine and never the twain shall meet. However I wish you well and keep your comments on blogs coming thick and fast as all opinions and points of view make for a rich debate.

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