Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All Stitched Up

David Cameron was frustrated yesterday to find his party is trailing in fourth place in Scotland. "Of course it is always frustrating when you are not always getting through," he said on only his second visit to Scotland during the campaign. Irritating Scots, refusing to listen to the next Prime Minister.

He won't be losing any sleep over us though because Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party MPs have indicated they will formally back hum if he protects the region from this year's public spending cuts. The move would cost up to £200 million.

The deal would give his party another 9 or 10 seats and according to current opinion polls, this would be enough for him to form a majority government.

During a visit to Northern Ireland yesterday David Cameron indicated he wished to give Northern Ireland politicians ministerial positions - and see the province play a key role in the 'mainstream politics' of the entire UK.

Ken Clarke opined: "In the end you can always do a deal with an Ulsterman, but it's not the way to run a modern, sophisticated society." Oh so true Mr Clarke.

So there we have it, it's all stitched up. I predict the Tories will get their majority, although it will be a very slim one.


Oldrightie said...

You can't knock his being honest, Subrosa!

subrosa said...

That's true OR. Nothing like a bit of bribery for getting the NI Unionists on side.

Dubbieside said...


This could work out perfectly for Scotland. Cameron cosying up to Northern Ireland, and treating Scotland with the usual Tory contempt.

We know from opinion polls that more Scots would vote for independence if the Torys were in Government in Westminster, but if they were actively promoting Northern Ireland to keep their coalition on side, while doing down Scotland it could create the "perfect storm"

Bring it on as the saying goes.

subrosa said...

Dubbie, I'm glad you read between the lines. That's exactly my thoughts too, but I didn't want to put words into mouths.

Interesting times indeed.

Clarinda said...

Will Glenrothes and Glasgow North East get the same result if what we suspect were curious outcomes last time? Remember that "To lose once is an accident, to lose twice is a coincidence, to lose three times is enemy activity". Surely there are only so many places to stash electoral registers?

Can postal votes be read through a concentrated light source without opening the envelope - thereby remaining intact but classified as having arrived "too late" to be counted officially? Even in the Commons - bed-ridden MPs are carried into the chamber to physically vote.

Anonymous said...

"Even in the Commons - bed-ridden MPs are carried into the chamber to physically vote. "

According to Giles Brandreth, they arrive by ambulance, and then are identified by a whip from each side, they are not physically carried in.

wisnaeme said...

Interesting comment by Andrew Neil on the Politics Today show, erm today.

"Alex Salmond said that they were the tweedledee, tweedledum and tweedledum parties. But that's in Scotland

. . . and they don't count !!"

Oh, the arrogance of it.

William said...

I think Andrew Neil might have been joking.

It's a possibility one always has to consider.

wisnaeme said...

Don't think you ken that fella very weel, William :-(

subrosa said...

I'm sure there are only so many places Clarinda and labour will know all of them. Many won't have been used yet.

We must insist the system is tightened up. I notice nobody has spoken about postal votes other than Nicola Sturgeon.

subrosa said...

Typical Brillo comment wisnaeme, now he doesn't need the Scots to give him a lift to London.

subrosa said...

William, Brillo wouldn't have been joking.

subrosa said...

Same difference though isn't it Rightwinggit? Commons voting procedures aren't necessarily a good example. Can we trust the whips to check the identities?

Anonymous said...

Hence the whip from each side to cut out any funny biz...although Giles does relate that sometimes he would peer in the back of the ambo, nod sagely and say "yes, that's him" without having a clue sometimes.

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