Monday, 5 April 2010

Update on What is Going on in Scottish Education

Update on What is Going on in Scottish Education?

One of my readers kindly left this comment. The links are without doubt good resources for understanding why we are where we are. My gratitude to Sheila for her research.

Much of the "debate" regarding the CfE has been along traditional v progressive lines. This is a distraction.

These articles are well worth reading:

The hidden politics of the Curriculum for Excellence

The curriculum of confidence tricks

Emotions and personality not measurable

And on a lighter note :)

Collapse of a decent education is deafening

The consequences of changing to an outcome based system have hardly been discussed at all afaics.

To vastly over simplify, what may be a sensible and useful educational model in many cases(eg a first aid certificate) is unbelievably dangerous when it means state set outcomes for every area of a person's life.

For a quick example here are the CfE's health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes:

The CfE also has to be seen as an integral part of Getting it right for every child, Aka Gathering Information for every citizen - these forms should give you a flavour:

All this is then stored in the eCare system:

This has recently been picked up here:


Sheila said...

Thanks for this. Happy to expand :)

subrosa said...

Thank you Sheila. I'm sure more of us feel far more informed now.

Alex Porter said...

Some interesting articles there. I'm really annoyed that the SNP has run with this. Clearly there needs to be a national debate on this. I can't believe this is all going to be implemented and all that time waisted.

I've had the feeling for a long time that the SNP is run too autocratically. There is no room for dialogue. And perhaps there is too close a relationship with big business and banks.

It is not beying the SNP to have a debate about the future of our nation. How do we define ourselves is the kind of debate nationalists should welcome..

Demetrius said...

Is it my imagination but is Education now just another expensive racket that has gone completely out of control?

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