Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Nick Clegg Under Pressure

Andrew Neil questions Nick Clegg about his MP expenses. His constituency house isn't his home it's a home on loan from the taxpayer. It's a bit of a dump but he's tarted it up with taxpayer's money and when it's sold he'll give the profit back to the taxpayer.

Then, when Andrew Neil says he'd like to come and stay because he's a taxpayer, Nick Clegg says there's a limit. He's not keen on Mr Neil resting on 'my cushions' - bought by the taxpayer.

I think Mr Clegg has upset a few of his constituency neighbours by calling his house 'a pebble-dashed semi'. A neighbour said, "This is one of the smartest middle-class areas in the city and a lot of people want to live here." More details of his properties and claims relating to them can be read here. A photograph of the four bedroomed pebble-dashed semi is below.


Oldrightie said...

Typical forked tongue LibDum. Watch the popularity graph when "vote yellow get Brown,lose the pound" hits home.

subrosa said...

I don't deny the libdems their 15 minutes of fame OR, but I'm not comfortable with many aspects of their policies. Too similar to labour.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Okay, so now we've got the three Tweedle's-Dee, Dum and Dem.

All of them have steered well clear of any substantive issues that should be driving this election.

These should be - Identifying the true amount of debt, the cost of servicing it and how they're going to raise it.

The cost of the Afghan idiocy in total to date and projected, including cost of capital equipment. And, most important, a specific withdraw'al date?

Cost of funding Trident (present) and future. Also any funds already committed to the Mark 2.

Electoral reform to enhance the democratic process, and totally elected second chamber called legislature not Lords. Grant Scotland it's independence and cut the costs of government.

Put their country and its people first before self, party, city slickers, global conglomerates or foreign governments or affiliates.

Immigration to balance with birth rate, emigration and death.

Improves the quality of education, not a fudge of statistics and systems.

Cuts the administration costs of the NHS by half...... Add what you will, but these would probably be enough to constitute a miracle.

However what are we getting -

Well Dee is arguing he's the best one to keep in charge because he made the cock-up.

Dum reckons you must want change and a name and his face is enough to constitute change.

And now Dem has entered the fray promising change once he knows who his partner will be and they can go to the right pic-an-mix bin.

And the only subject that unites them? Oh yes, a vote in Scotland for the SNP is a vote wasted. Aye right! But how does a wasted vote compare against wastes of space.

subrosa said...

Bang on RA. There's been nothing of substance said since this election began. Nobody is prepared to say anything just in case they're 'found out'.

So the total pantomime is based on who's the best conman really.

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