Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Verdict

It was an interesting 90 minutes. Already there are opinions with STV saying David Mundell put in a 'solid display' with Alex Salmond and Jim Murphy underperforming.

I think both Alex Salmond and Alistair Carmichael played blinders.

When Alex Salmond was speaking, the continual interruptions of Jim Murphy and David Mundell gave him his chance to show his professionalism and leadership qualities, which he did on each occasion. I was surprised Adam Bolton didn't intervene a few times because Alex Salmond lost out on the time factor I think. He didn't seem prepared to shout over two bickering adults and who can blame him.

Somehow I feel, (I am trying to be objective), that Alex Salmond had decided he's be the catalyst for both labour and the tories to show their parties in their true colours and it worked superbly. He didn't have to say much - just stand aside and allow both these party representatives to expose their ignorance of their own party policies.

Alistair Carmichael certainly kept the flag flying for the libdems, as he has throughout the campaign. The libdems must be thrilled with his performance and surely he is a contender for their next leadership contest.

In contrast to his plan regarding labour and the tories, Alex Salmond let Scotland see just how much the SNP and libdems agree on areas of policy. Such a shame they are dictated to by their London masters and refused to join the SNP in government.

One question - why did Sky run adverts when it didn't do so for the other debates?

Things may change by this time next year. We can but hope.


Dubbieside said...


I was impressed by Alistair Carmichael during the debate. I had always thought that apart from Charlie Kennedy the Lib Dems had no talent in Scotland.

Comparing him with Tavis and Nicol Whatshisname was no contest.

Pity he is not the Lib Dem leader at Holyrood we would maybe start to get the type of quality opposition that Scotland desperately needs.

Thought that Mundell was all sound bites and no substance, and Murphy was just no substance.

Interesting in the STV poll after the debate Samond got 45% Carmichael got 33% Mundell 18% and Murphy 5%.

Biased as I am I agree with the order but thought that Carmichael was closer to Alex than that, and Mundell was too high.

P.S. Agree with your thoughts that Alex Salmond decided on a low key approach, I prefer him when it is all guns blazing.

brownlie said...


There appears to be an error on the direct link to your comments.

I actually nearly felt sorry for Murphy when he expected applause and did not get any. From an objective point of view I felt that Salmond and Carmichael were away ahead of the other two. Did you know Murphy is a patriot?

JRB said...

I’m sure such televised debate should be viewed seriously, with due credence to the political content and argument, but sadly for me, it comes across as no more than mere ‘Political X Factor’ with each participant striving to be the celebrity of the day.

Equally I know that one shouldn’t personalise comments about any of the politicians, but …
Like Reggie Perrin, who every time he saw his mother-in-law, had a mental image of a hippopotamus.
Every time I see Jim Murphy, I get the mental image of –
a bemused tortoise.

subrosa said...

I'd agree with you Dubbie. For 'just a viewer' I'd have put Carmichael along with Alex.

Much as I prefer Alex in full blast mode, I think in some ways it was quite tactical to be have the 'statesman' attitude.

The other two hung themselves.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, in what way is there an error? Good to see you.

I knew Murphy was a Scot. :)

subrosa said...

John, you're being rather unkind to tortoises don't you think. ;)

I thought Murphy looked nervous was completely out of his depth. He tried hard to make it a chummy affair (like the STV one) but it failed. Alex Salmond wouldn't allow it.

Once Murphy realised his chummy attitude wasn't to be he just disintegrated.

William said...

You are all wrong. According to the Daily Mail Salmond was the loser--so there, it must be true.

subrosa said...

William, you omitted the word 'allegedly'. Don't want you being sued do we?

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