Saturday, 10 April 2010

How To Lose Votes

Gordon Brown said he would be travelling the length and breadth of the country to speak to the people. Within hours he'd shown he doesn't practice what he preaches. He disdainfully ignored Ben Butterworth, who tried to get his attention at Centrepoint in London on Thursday.

Ben's problem, regarding his children's education, was obviously of no interest to the PM. It shows the pomposity of Gordon Brown when he is so discourteous to a man with a genuine grievance - particularly when he was given an ideal opportunity to 'speak to the people'.


Munguin said...

Did you see him today glad handing in Kirkcaldy? When the interviewer asked about the twitter-gate scandal he got a peremptory answer a scowl that would have turned milk and then Gordon walked abruptly away. He only wants to talk to the people if it is part of a prearranged script.

Anonymous said...

"I'm preparing for the leader's debate by going round the country talking to people, finding out what their concerns are....except of course when I don't have an anwer for them that Mr Mandleson has already prepared.

"I don't know and I don't care why your scrawny kid can't get into the school of his choice. Don't you stupid people see that all that rubbish about choice is just that. You aren't getting a choice. Live with it. Be grateful that you have any schools at all to send to kids to, you odious ordinary person."

That is why Sarah is going round the country wit him. To make sure he doesn't actually say that... with a few obscenities thrown in.

subrosa said...

I caught a brief glimpse Munguin. He was trying to look and sound statesman but looked like a pathetic ministerial type to me.

subrosa said...

Sarah's running the show Tris. That's obvious to a blind man.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Why is Sarah getting dragged around?
We're not voting for her!

subrosa said...

She's in charge DL, haven't you noticed? He's trying to look the all knowing, all powerful saviour of the world and she's trying to be the softer side.

It's a Laurel and Hardy Labour plan.

Stewart Cowan said...

I'm amazed he can show his face in public without being:

a) Shouted at by baying mobs;

b) Subjected to a citizen's arrest for treason;

c) Unable to sit down until the pitchfork is removed.

subrosa said...

The man's ambition throughout his life is to be PM of this country. Towards that end he has no scruples or morals Stewart.

His insincerity comes over more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

It's a great pityu when your lifelong ambition is to do, or be, something that you are totally unsuited to, tat you daily make a mess of, and are, probably the worst at that anyonme living can remember.

I hate this man even more than I hate his close friend thatcher.

subrosa said...

Tris my feelings are much the same. Mind you not quite. I rather admired Maggie for being in a man's world and she did well considering. Didn't agree with many of her policies though.

Anonymous said...

Crikey SP... I nevr thought I'd hear you say that thatcher did well....

I'll not sleep now for worry about you.

subrosa said...

Tris, I never said she did well. I said she did well in a man's world. Big difference. :)

Men can be worse bitches than women if they put their mind to it remember.

Anonymous said...

Hum... well, I did sleep, and I'm pleased to know that I misinterpreted what you said.

I think she had a very very strong personality and that she was surrounded by total wimps who were only interested in their careers and being important.

Hesser eventually had the nerve to tell her she was mad.

Have you ever seen the docudrama about her. It aired last year some time I think. It was really good. The complete cabinet was scared stiff of her apart from Ken Clarke.

In international affairs of course Ronnie fell in love with her as did Gorby.

Mitterrand did too, but he used her none the less, and Kohl, well Kohl just hated her, and she him.

She came from the generation that hated the Germans because they were Germans and she loathed him in particular because he was a man who enjoyed life, food, drink, and all the normal pleasures, whereas she only enjoyed work. He in turn thought she was a straight laced bossy streak of misery.

He should have come to Scotland to find out what we though. Malcolm Rifkind said that the Scots thought of her as a bossy English woman.... lol. Yeah right Malcolm, whatever. Did you ever meet a normal Scotsman?

I feel sorry for her now. Her only friend is Gordon Brown. The Tories won’t touch her with a barge poll. David gas publicly denounced her. Imagine if you were 85 and your only friend was Gordon Brown. I’d take the gas!

subrosa said...

I'd take the gas too Tris. Glad you slept, I'd hate to think my opinion brought nightmares.

I met Kohl a couple of times. He wasn't exactly a bundle of laughs himself, unless he'd had a few and then he seemed to expect the whole world to share his good humour. He was the first 'square' man I'd ever seen. I mean physically.

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