Tuesday, 20 April 2010

'How Likely Is It to be Actually Implemented?"

Colonel Richard Kemp, the former chair of the Cobra Intelligence Group, has written an interesting piece in the Times.

He asks how realistic is Gordon Brown's and Lord Adonis's operation to send two navy warships to pick up stranded Brits and how likely it is to be actually implemented. It would appear the Navy is still awaiting orders.

The MoD is applauded and finally we have some information about arrangements for the military. One of our soldiers has been repatriated from Afghanistan although I have not been aware of any mention in the MSM. Seems they're sticking to the 'code of silence'.

Although it is quite possible that the situation could deteriorate, it must now be questionable whether the proposed use of naval ships — other than HMS Albion — was intended seriously. The plans for HMS Ark Royal andOcean appear so vague that they sound more like a mere contingency plan conveniently made public.

Does this surprise me? Of course not. Mr Kemp also questions whether using Navy warships (with the exception of HMS Albion) to rescue holidaymakers, when there are no lives at risk, is an appropriate use of the equipment.

I would say it is serious misuse of military equipment. Although I have no idea of the cost of such an operation, rest assured it will run into many millions.

We still have boats, trains, cars and coaches don't we? Where is the pioneering British spirit we're told about? It's obviously been dumbed down - along with education standards.


Anonymous said...

It appears to be a bit of a muddle, just like everything has been since Brown took over.

This morning there is a ship picking up military from Northern Spain. Some specially selected (by the Embassy) civilians are allowed to return on it. Doubtless those people who are important, have titles or important jobs. The rest have been, from the report from Santander this morning, rather rudely turned away.

Of course many people have made their way overland, including a English family including an 81 year old, who made their way by car from Spain to Calais. They were great people by the sounds of them, taking it all in their stride, and saying it was the first time that they have seen France, except to fly over it, and now they want to go back and have a holiday there. There are plenty of spaces on boats coming in from Dover. This family was sorted within 10 minutes of arriving.

Of course not everyone can afford that. Some people take all their money on holiday and spend every last penny. I never brought a penny back is a proud boast of some people. That leaves them in a situation where they can’t afford to hire a car or take a train or overnight in hotels.

British embassies and consulates are rarely of much use to ordinary travellers, but in this case there are hundreds of thousands of them and not even an efficient, people centred service could be expected to cope with large numbers.

It’s a lesson to us that our highly technical, highly mechanised lives can’t always be smooth and sometimes we just have to cope with some terrible disaster.

subrosa said...

Tris, yes there was a pick up from Santander, north Spain this morning. It was for military returning from Afghanistan and a few civilians. HMS Albion is not a passenger carrying vessel. It was not declared that it would take civilian passengers, but Gordon Brown implied it would on TV yesterday.

Actually I would have been happy if they had accepted civilians. Might have opened the eyes of many to see how our troops travel. They'd be sure to think Ryanair was total luxury after than.

I can't believe the lack of motivation from so many. Just heard about a family who sat at Schipol for 4 days waiting to get back to Manchester. 'There was nobody to tell us what to do or where to go'. They were older folk. Surely they could have thought hard enough to work out a train to a port might be a better idea. Then they moaned that they had to wait 3 days for a shower at the airport...

I shake my head in despair.

Let this be a lesson to all. Travel costs money. If folks don't have the money to get home, then why should we pay? Because that's who is paying for the warships.

Sandy said...

Once again Brown proves he is not fit to be prime minister.

Having dithered through 5 days and 2 Cobra meetings, he announces everyone who can get to a channel port can be brought home.

No fucking shit Sherlock.

Channel ports are where the channel ferries run from.

Sorry but if your travel plans fall through , there are still plenty of ways to get back to the UK.

It would have been much more appreciated if he had organised some form of subsidised rail and bus pass for people who are genuinely stuck. But no he trumpets one warship picking up soldiers and diplomats as some kind of triumph.

I do hope this is the last thing he ever does as Prime minister.

A sort of monument to his uselessness, for all of history to look back on.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I think we've been very lucky.

Had this happened while Bush and his neo-cons were in control, we would have had a War on Volcanoes.

Chuck said...

Other than the fact that your holiday plans are no business of the government of the day, or ex government of the day (hint Gordon, it's time to let go), how would this differ from the normal day to day serious misuse of military equipment?

Billy said...

The navy would have to ask for extra pocket money for fuel so that they could go and carry this out considering they have had to mothball half of the ships that they have left because they cannot afford to run them.

Life in Brown's Britain - they will be handing out oars to the sailors next to save money!

subrosa said...

Exactly Chuck. I'm growing angry listening to folk moaning because 'nobody's telling us anything' etc.

We've never had as much information available as we have today. Surely they can access the internet from somewhere. I was shouting at one couple 'Go outside and find an internet cafe and see how you can get home instead of whingeing'.

And to use the Navy to recover them. Absolute nonsense. The ferries won't be pleased either because I believe they've put on extra boats and still have room.

subrosa said...

They'll be promised it Billy but I doubt if they'll ever see it go into the military budget.

Key bored warrior. said...

Bogey Muncher seems to think is he says something it is real.

He has stated that there are 100 buses to be made available for people to travel home from Madrid. Most of these are till in the UK.

Brown is to frozen with fear about his own position to focus on the nations problems.

It was good to see the interviews this evening with people who had the brains to go to Zeebruge and got home, some of the stories will no doubt be worth reading in The Sunday Post and The Weekly News ;o)

But you are right Rosie I despair when I see some of the pathetic people who cannot use their imagination. I would buy a second hand van, and load it up with others who are willing to pay top dollar to get home. Once you are at Zeebruge you can dump the thing.

I once bought an Opel Kapitan Convertible in Germany, brought it home, and sold it for a profit after I had finished my leave. It was such a beautiful unusual car.

Why are the Military still flying if the Civil planes are grounded, do they have special filters that Rolls Royce keep secret?

We should be told.

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