Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Harmonica Man - A Must See

This is a heart-warming story. Scots born Andy Mackie, 71, has survived 10 heart operations. Listen to his story.


The Big Dollop said...

simply heartwarming


Jim Baxter said...

'You give it away you get to keep it forever.'

That's it. The young of today are as eager as any ever were to do good, unselfish things.

I liked Ivor Cutler too.

subrosa said...

I thought so too BD. I suspect if he lived here he'd be banned though. Can't have our children thinking for themselves can we - other than what the government dictates of course.

subrosa said...

Jings Jim, that's a name from the past!

Jim Baxter said...


As is mine.


Remember Ivor's song?

I may be small
But when I'm standing on my mo-oh-oh-oh-oh-ney
My mo-oh-oh-oh oh-oh-ney
I'm ten feet tall.

A prediction of new Labour or what?

Alex Porter said...

Great story,

It's amazing that we elevate scoundrels to high office and they start wars, rob us blind and spread hatred wherever they go. American presidents for example.

The wee man is worth a hundrend o' them!

Joe Public said...

Of course, over here he'd have to pay for a CRB check, for the sake of the cheeeeeldren.

subrosa said...

Definitely the former Jim, yes definitely.

subrosa said...

Long may he continue Alex, but he looks so frail as it is.

subrosa said...

I was going to say that in the post Joe but then thought perhaps Canada had the same and I couldn't find out if it was true.

He'd been thrown into the long grass here though. Anyway, he'd never have survived the waiting lists for all his heart operations - sadly.

Alex Porter said...

Going out in a blaze of glory Rosie. He's an example to us all!

subrosa said...

It motivated me anyway Alex. But then again, this type of activity would be suspect in this country these days and the red tape involved would be horrendous.

We don't encourage individual enterprise such as this here anymore.

scunnert said...

That's one cool dude.

subrosa said...

Does he live near you scunnert? ;)

Alex Porter said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. Sure, we have gone through an era where no-one trusts each other. It was built on the nonsensical idea that we don't need each other.

They talk about recession and recovery. It's not, what we are going through is systemic collapse. We can't sustain a country or a system where we don't need each other.

The individualist ideology is coming to an end. It kicks and screams but it has come to the end of its life-cycle.

An age if informality and local interdependence is re-emerging. We'll need each other to survive and that will bind us tightly once again.

Look closely and you'll see it happening already. Brown, the banks and the property speculators are busted. They can keep faking the stats but they are gonners.

Harmonica Man's power is not just that he helps a bunch of kids, he is a symbol of what was temporarily lost and what is inevitably being rediscovered. He's a sign of how humanity balances itself. A reminder of what we are all about.

His piece of work means more than a million mar-hours of nonsense. We sense in him that that spirit never dies and it doesn't.

He's done more than my angry blog will ever achieve and I hope one day to realise my value and find happiness in it the way he has.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rosy on your latest milestone, outselling the Hootsmon, well done, commiserations to Conan.

subrosa said...

Ah TS, I remember the days when I had a figure like that. ;) My hair was curly then.

Poor Conan. He's worth more than 3d though. :)

Thanks so much.

subrosa said...

What an excellent evaluation Alex.

Mind you the bankers and politicians are doing their level best to hang on because they want more and think they'll get it.

Hopefully the people will waken up to the situation.

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