Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day

It is St George's Day, England's national day. There's little in the news about it and even less in the blogosphere.

I was going to write about England but discovered a local blogger - well he does live within an hour's drive of me and so few do - has a superb piece this morning. Every English person should read it.

(He's right about the Scots by the way, although I do see traces of the Righteous around. It's our job, as part of Scottish society, to protect our identity from being paralyzed by these people and their petty rules. Common sense must prevail and will.)

In case you've missed it, Tom Clougherty, writing for the ASI, says '68 percent support English Parliament'. Good for them.

Happy St George's Day!


Wyrdtimes said...

Happy St Geroge's Subrosa. Waes hael.

Can you confirm that Scots get a day off for St Andrew's?

subrosa said...

The nearest Monday to St Andrew's day is a bank holiday but only a voluntary public holiday Wyrd.

I think that means if you have the day off then it comes from your annual leave allocation.

The SNP did try for a general holiday but were voted down by the unionists and therefore this is the compromise.

For me, I tend to look on Burns Night as a celebration of Scottishness, but perhaps that's a generation thing.

Autonomous Mind said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. I shall reciprocate on St Andrew's Day and Burns Night.

Perhaps we English should have another Bank Holiday later in the late summer to celebrate the work of the good Bard. Shakespeare Day would be wonderful.

I can imagine it now, punting through Stratford upon Avon, reciting sonnets to my loved one in the golden light of an afternoon sun... bliss.

William said...

Has the entire country converted to Roman Catholicism?

wisnaeme said...

I didn't notice many Saint George flags floating in the breeze whilest out and about down Englandshire way, today. Mibee there's a scarcity of supply of these icons of nationhood. Seeing that the BNP and UKIP have probably cornered the market in the hope of making a killing with them shortly.

subrosa said...

There you are AM, a long term project for England to have a Shakespeare Day. You only have to decide whether it is his birth or death and off you go.

I would certainly offer my support, in the promotionof it, as my father was a great lover of Shakespeare. He was fond of Burns also but I never understood his craving for Shakespeare.

Give me the sun shining on a Scottish hillside anytime. :)

subrosa said...

No chance of that these days William.

Quiet_Man said...


Why would UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) or the BNP (British national party) whose symbols are the Union flag want with the flag of St George?

Lot of St George day parades tomorrow and wait till the world cup for a good display :-D

subrosa said...

Wisnaeme, I'm proud to say I fly a Saltire and have done for years. It's nothing to do with my political allegiances and all to do with pride in my homeland.

One day it was all stop though - when I can no longer manage the flagpole.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I think we should take the shortest day of the year and dedicate it as Gordon Brown Day.

Just to remind us yearly to struggle for humanity over politics.

subrosa said...

Wouldn't that kind of spoil Christmas RA? Not that I'm a big believer in Christmas but goodness, there are many who feel stressed enough.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

It could Rosa. But there again, it could reinforce it as a celebration.

subrosa said...

Ah, the other side of the coin RA. Yes there is always that.

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