Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I thought it may be an idea to have an election comments page where you can rant and rave, cheer, cry and/or provide links which you think may be of interest to others. Comments from every political persuasion are welcome.

All I ask is, if you're discussing a particular PPC, then could you please give their party and constituency area. I'm fairly clueless about certain areas of Scotland far less England, Wales or northern Ireland!

Hopefully I can find a way to put a link to here in the sidebar.

Update: Managed to put a link in the sidebar. My understanding of Blogger is improving!


Joe Public said...

Well I won't be voting for my incumbent Troughing Thief

subrosa said...

And who is he/she Joe? Do tell.

subrosa said...

If you missed Gordon Brown's speech when he declared the General Election, a video can be seen here: (sorry I can't seem to do links on comments).


JRB said...

Its less than eight hours since oor Gordie went to visit Betty at the Big Hoose and already I’m sick to the back teeth with it all.

The ‘news’ channels have been full of nothing else but the forthcoming election.
Has the rest of the world come to a complete standstill?

Doubt if I will be able to sustain the current level of nauseating political broadcasting from now till early May.

Cruachan said...

My UK Westminster Election 2010
Seats Predictions:

Labour 275
Tory 260
Lib Dem 69
SNP 17
P.Cymru 5
Sinn Fein 6
Independent 1
Green 1

NOTICE: The value of predictions can go down as well as up!

Jim Baxter said...

First time I've seen the Cabinet dragged out on parade like that for the announcement of a GE. New idea surely.

Oh, wait, no, Obama started that gimick when he became President Elect didn't he?

Brown as slaveringly pathetic as ever. What a shock.

wv atart.

Sometimes the wv really comes good.

CrazyDaisy said...


What I found sickening was both CMD and McAvity surrounding themselves with fawning eejits - oh your policies are the best...blah blah blah

Free Scotland - period.



Anonymous said...


Tom Harris, whom I normally like, got off to a bad start with a serious piece of negativity, which you can see from the comments went down like a lead balloon.

Brown’s campaign faked pics of supporters cheering him off in a rather clumsy way, which means that now we won’t actually believe anything that the Labour campaign says .... like we were going to anyway.

subrosa said...

I have my doubts too JRB, but we doubters have to stick together.

subrosa said...

Cruachan, have you bets on that? You're frightening me, yet I think you could be near the mark.

subrosa said...

That's right Jim, but of course labour have employed one of Obama's PR folks.

subrosa said...

I'm with you on that CD.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the links Tris. I'm sure other will appreciate them as I did.

John Pickworth said...

"... sorry I can't seem to do links on comments.

Gordon Brown Fires Election Starter Pistol

There you go SR.

Link slightly different because Sky changed theirs.

By the way, linking in Blogger comments is done like this...

(a href="www.whatever.com")Click Here(/a) *

Which should become:

Click Here

* except you use the angular brackets rather than the rounded ones. Eg. < not ( and > not )

A post it note of the formula attached to you monitor helps ;-)

John Pickworth said...

Oh and just to add....

Links in Blogger need to begin http:// and not just www. For some reason blogger thinks www only is an internal page within the same blog. Strangely.

subrosa said...

What a dreadful PMQs today. Brown was just rude and aggressive.

John Pickworth said...

"What a dreadful PMQs today. Brown was just rude and aggressive."

Nothing like going out on a low ;-)

subrosa said...

Gosh he was pathetic really John wasn't he. I really can't watch him anymore, like some others he stirs a loathing in me that I seldom experience.

To think many years ago I thought he was one of the 'good' guys too (although I never voted labour).

Surreptitious Evil said...

I'm amused how many of our parliamentary candidates are still calling themselves MP on their websites. The active bloggers do seem to have got it more-or-less right, those reliant on hired help to interface with the inter-tuby thing seem to be breaking a few rules.

I name Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Alex Salmond - as well as the ever-odious Joyce ...

subrosa said...

I noticed the other day that John Redwood did a couple of posts explaining his present position SE. All very detailed and explanitory.

Doesn't surprise me anyone in the SNP is way behind regarding websites. They just don't get how important the internet has become.

As for the other two, they're too important to be bothered with minutiae surely. :)

Surreptitious Evil said...

I did get a response from St Eric of the Expenses. A self-important, dismissive one but it does show that Google alerts works ...

He now points people to his ericjoyce.co.uk site which, of course, has him as "Member of UK Parliament for Falkirk, Dec 2000- present". Which, as well as being agin electoral law is also inaccurate - he was MP for Falkirk West 2000 - 2005 and became MP for the replacement constituency at the 2005 election.

I would say something about the contempt for the truth this shows but, given his impeccableNew Labour credentials ...

subrosa said...

Ah SE I've just had a look at his site. You should have referred him to John Redwood who has it all legally correct.

At least you got a reply though.

Hamish said...

Well you did invite links!


subrosa said...

Hi Hamish. I did indeed. Super blog. Is that your work?

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