Thursday, 29 April 2010

FMQs 29 April 2010

It was a feisty First Minister today who won hands down. Obviously the losing of yesterday's court case hasn't dampened his spirit. For politics it was also good entertainment so do have a look at the videos.

Iain Gray's questions on the SNP manifesto pledges which remained unfulfilled were met with a robust list of those which had been met in the three years the SNP have been in government. His comment that the SNP voted with the tories 70% of the time was met with perhaps the best response of the session from the FM: "Labour voted 75% of the time with the tories."

Annabel Goldie's question reiterated the one asked on Sunday at the Sky Scottish debate. The hypothetical question was, "If Thomas Hamilton had lived and been imprisoned would he have been given early release if he had contacted cancer? How can he support the release of one mass murdered (Megrahi) and totally oppose the realise of another?" Alex Salmond had answered no on Sunday then had his reply interrupted. Today he also answered no, explaining that Hamilton would not have passed the first principle set down by the Scottish Prison Service. Mrs Goldie didn't appear to be aware what the principle was so the FM enlightened her explaining the 'first principle' is that the offender's release should not create the risk of re-offending or endanger public safety'.

Mr Salmond said: "Whatever may be said about the release of Mr Al-Megrahi, nobody seriously believes that his release would put the safety of the Scottish public."

Libdem leader Tavish Scott raised the question of banks and asked what was the government doing to support the division of banks to High Street styled banks and 'casino' banks. The FM gave a detailed response that he supported a more more sensible and controlled banking system.

You can see FMQs on the BBC and also on HolyroodTV. For those of you overseas and cannot access the BBC iPlayer, you can view it at scunnert's place. Enjoy.


Dubbieside said...


That is the Alex Salmond at his best all guns blazing.

Greys coupon was a picture with the one word answer to his first question.

I used to have some respect for Goldie, but no more trying to use the murder of 16 Scottish children is despicable. Totally beneath contempt.

Tavis really does not understand that the Scottish Government has no control over the banks, more the pity.

P.S. I do not think we lost the court case. We may have lost round one, but the judicial review, and then hopefully a case put to the EU re fairness, could I think be very damaging to the BBC.

To late for this election but hopefully a fairer public service broadcaster for Holyrood 2011.

Allan said...

That leader of the Labour party is a right old desperate fool. Why the Labour party keep him on as their leader is the only question I want to hear next week. Bad very bad and I get the impression he loves the sound of his own voice!

subrosa said...

Aye, he was on top form Dubbie and I hope some of our English readers watch it for a few minutes. He didn't come over so well on QT - seemed a bit bored.

I thought Goldie's question awful and she should have known better being a lawyer. Anyway he put her in her place swiftly.

Poor Tavish, always looks bemused to me.

I would agree with your point but we did lose the court case (battle) but the war hasn't been won yet.

subrosa said...

That's after we've paid thousands for him to have lessons in TV presentation Allan.

There's nobody who would be any better.

I think labour has a strategy though in keeping Gray there for the moment. He could well be keeping the seat warm for Murphy.

Allan said...

Subrosa is that really the grand strategy of the Labour party? One imbecile keeping the seat warm for another? Desperate stuff right enough!

Indyanhat said...

Alex Salmonds Quip about 'the Pm being in no mood to meet anybody' was priceless and so well delivered.
I have to admit to not having seen much of the Scottish Parliaments workings before , just odd snippets, it seems to be very nicely paced and full of a vigour rarely seen in westminster. I find the heckling noise of that chamber to be almost shameful .
Good to see thanks I'll be back!!

subrosa said...

I've heard that opinion a few times now Allan and it wouldn't surprise me.

subrosa said...

It was indeed Indy. I don't put often put the 'good' bits in the post as it spoils it for those who view it.

Glad you enjoyed it. Call again. :)

Billy said...

Agree with Allan re Murphy. If that indeed is Labour's plan then it shows how desperate things are to put a numpty who has never worked in his life in charge over any other of their MSP's who have. Murphy is just another negative. Labour party robot, who would be at least as bad as Gray.

subrosa said...

Billy, that's just some people's opinion that Murphy could be in line for the SP.

Didn't you know that he's a Scot and a patriot?

Clarinda said...

Well, if replacing Elmer J Fudd with Goofy isn't a sitting-target for the SNP (and other Holyrood parties)- I feel even more re-assured that Independence is inevitable - "That's all, folks".

subrosa said...

Clarinda, you forgot "The End". :)

After this week surely it's the end of labour? Problem is Cameron hasn't seen the books and I think he's is for a great shock. Can't you just imagine the mess they're in?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

What can Gray do! He doesn't feature at Westminster; is well down the chain. Has to follow orders he has little influence on and pressurised into, and once used is flushed out of sight.

Hardly a basis to found an ambitious and principled career on.

Yet this is the foundation Westminster has based devolution on. A partial autonommy working from the top down under the control of party hegemonies that can be repelled at any time.

Were it not for the existance of the SNP, backed by the desire of significant numbers of Scots for independence, Holyrood would be no more than a toothless vanity project with second division unionists politicians vying to be noticed by the premier league at Westminster.

All of which would be discouraging, possibly even frightening, were it not for Westminsters increasing exposure by the sheer incompetence of its systems.

The SNP may not win the fight for Independence, it could be Westminster who loses it. But if we wait for that to happen, the jewels will be gone, the cost of re-build enormous and there will be no winners for a long long time.

subrosa said...

Westminster will hold onto us until the oil runs out RA and won't give an inch until it does. They need that money because without it we would loose all our 'standing' in the world and also be bankrupt for years.

There won't be any winners for a long long time. Spending is quick, clearing debt is a very slow process.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I think you missed out the 'want to'in your opening sentence Rosa?

Scotland has to get proactive in ensuring Westminster learns the lesson that want doesn't get.

Their holding on to us is an act of attrition; something I for one do not take kindly to.

There's no doubting oil's role, but Scotland is more than a one trick pony, at least potentially.

I only ever argue on the enhancement of democracy, the values of humanity and Scotland's independence - the latter because it incorporates an opportunity to advance the other two. Westminster has forfeit any claim to judge or administer these issues.

On other issues I'll comment or pass an opinion but rarely argue.

Billy said...

Subrosa - Murphy a Scot and a patriot? That will be the day.

As Crinkly basically says above, Murphy like Gray is just a wee cog in an English-funded and run Westminster Labour party who has to do what he is told from there.

People like Murphy and Gray know, like all the other unionist parties, that if they were to think for themselves and suggest something like Scotland would be better off running itself with all of it's own money then they would lose the handouts they live off from England.

Imagine Labour in Scotland having to survive that scenario - and the Lib-Dems for that matter.

subrosa said...

Thank you RA, that sentence was badly composed. I shouldn't be typing and have my mind elsewhere - that's my excuse. :)

Yes potentially it is RA but we have to attract more manufacturing. We have to return to quality vocational schools where youngsters can learn these skills and not insist they do a four year uni course to be qualified. We need our old apprenticeships back with say one day a week for college. The knowledge by businesses that they have to pay for an apprentice then they're off on courses for weeks at a time isn't good enough.

Only then, when we return to what we're good at the the culture is brought back into daily life, will we begin to prosper.

subrosa said...

Not just the handouts Billy, the enormous pay they receive.

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