Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Doctored Transcript

The tories have discovered discrepancies in the formal transcript of Gordon Brown's speech orated from the exterior of No 10 yesterday.

The FT reports a third of the actual text has been deleted and new sections added.

Strangely, his declaration that he was from a 'middle class' family has disappeared. Kenneth Roy has written a splendid piece 'Ordinary, middle-class Mr Brown' in which he explains class and social differences in Scotland.

Now why would his spin doctors want to omit the obvious pride Gordon Brown has in coming from a middle class family?

On a more serious note, what kind of PM would permit any of his speeches to be amended, particularly since it was also video recorded? Does the saviour of the world think he can change history? Quite possibly.


Uncle Marvo said...

Can he change history? Yes he can. His party, and his politics, is drawn straight out of Orwell's 1984.

Was it a "misprint" or is he going to "rectify" it?

The fact that he came from a middle class family is attested to by the fact that he went to a good school ( which his party has now managed to destroy (presumably so he wouldn't have any competition) and subsequently Edinburgh University, where he wrote a load of commie bollocks and dredged up every benefit he could find, as well as eating out of dustbins.

He had a job as a journo for a couple of years with Scottish Telly, but apart from that has had no experience of the real world.

He failed maths with flying colours which qualifies him to be not only the Chancellor of the Exchequer of a developed nation, but also to be Prime Minister.

It also qualifies him to suck my stump.

God, the loathing. I wish there were a stronger word.

scunnert said...


subrosa said...

Would 'detestation' suit Marvo?

subrosa said...

In the guise of John Hurt no doubt scunnert.

Uncle Marvo said...

Not really. It's a feeling of hatred that I've only ever experienced once before, and he's going to get his come uppance. Properly. You know when you just look at someone and feel physically sick? And then you realise that someone is actually supporting the obnoxious twonk?

I have a very long and retentive memory for bastards. I wouldn't like me as an enemy, given the choice.

subrosa said...

I know the feeling Marvo. That's why I can't bear to watch the man on TV. I've just heard him on radio (at least a little of what he said) and had to switch it off.

It's not his physical appearance - they never trouble me. It's the lies which pour out of his twisted mouth.

Uncle Marvo said...

Indeed. As I have asked before, "what has he got in common with Spencer Perceval?"

The answer is "nothing, yet."

And I would be so happy if the Liar and Mandy go the same way.

hatfield girl said...

It's in Scottish hands; you vote for your own people, your own Parliament, your own country, and we're all relieved of the burden Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath dumped on us - the only electorate which has ever disgraced itself by voting for the man.

I don't really understand why Mr Salmond is unacceptable to Labour-voting Scotland - it's not as if he's anything other than a social democratic, left of centre, entirely respectable sort of politician. I can understand the anti-Conservative vote, but why vote for the Union and Westminster Labour? It may give a malicious frisson to dump Brown, Darling, Alexander, Martin et al. on the English but the price in damage to Scotland for a bit of spite is incredible.

William said...

[i]"has had no experience of the real world."[/i]

What is the real world?

In his professional life, Gordon Brown has been a lecturer; a journalist; an MP; been involved in committees, campaigns; served under and alongside a variety of politicians of different experience and abilities; been a key figure in the transformation of the electoral fortunes of the Labour Party; has associations with many of the leading business, legal, financial and political figures in British life in the last 20 years; held one of the two main Offices of State for the last 13 years continuously.

In his personal life, he has suffered disability, bereavement and setbacks.

So I'd love to know where this 'real world' exists? Where is the politician who has ran the full gamut of human experience?

Constantly Furious said...

SR: something odd is happening with your site: Google is warning me off.

Have a look at this error message and seek expert help.

Good luck!

Uncle Marvo said...

Dearest William

The Real World (TM) is where most people live, breathe, eat, work, and largely watch telly.

It is a prerequisite for someone who is supposed to be making decisions about these peoples' lives to have some experience of how they feel and what they do.

He has had associations, however tenous, with all sorts of dodgy characters, including "business leaders" who probably, in fact I would guess at definitely, think that he's a proper pain in the backside.

He is the least qualified person I know to sort out finances, as he has proved on more than one occasion.

He was never elected to the post in which he now resides. He only got in because he had a deal with Bliar and the latter saw the doo-doo coming towards the fan and did a runner.

Tell me just one person who has not suffered some sort of disability, bereavement and setback. He brought the setbacks upon himself. And on me. And I don't forgive him for that - nor Blair, nor Mandelweasel. I have suffered proper bereavement, not one that I only knew for five minutes. And I'm careful with my eyes, I only have two. And I don't do sob stories, my employer doesn't give a stuff about what my personal problems are and I don't give a stuff about his either, and that's life, I'm afraid.

Key figure in the fortunes of the rebranded Labour party with no regard for labour, is that what you mean? And a key figure in the severe screwing up of the country's finances and future, as well as being a social engineer on a par with Big Brother in 1984. That sort of key figure?

There is no politician that has run the full gamut. Cameron is possibly the closest running at the moment, he's run the full gamut from A to B. Or Old Holborn. I assume your "ran" was a typo.

Are you his wife, or are you just a troll? If you are serious, carry on. I like a laugh. Also I would dearly love to know what sort of mental illness it is that causes one to vote for someone with a proven track record of lies, deceit and gross incompetence.

Uncle Marvo said...


A lot of dead soldiers' mothers are bereaved.

And a shitload of foreigners, including innocent women and children, all because some wanker had a bee in his bonnet about a couple of towers and couldn't find one dark chap from Afghanistan so went after another one from Iraq.

Pure genius.

Why the slippery heck don't they just hang these bastards?

Please, other people, let me know if I'm horribly wrong about everything. I don't think I am.

Clarinda said...

Thank goodness you said his speech had been "doctored" Subrosa, as the thought of Gordon Brown being 'sexed up' is just too creepy.

His nauseating poor-mouthing of his origins betrays his inverted ego and disrespect towards his country of birth. The man has no class.

William said...

So the real world is a place where people watch telly?

I would say that Gordon Brown has considerable more professional experience than, say, a roadsweeper. Or is that someone who also doesn’t live in the real world? Where is this place? David Cameron has considerable experience of what, exactly? IIRC, the only job he’s had outside Westminster was one his wife had to, ahem, ‘call in favours’. LOL.

So no politician can seriously claim to live in this fictional real world of your creation. Gordon Brown has more political experience than most and your suggestion that somehow he lives in a bubble is laughable.

Unfortunately, your comment that Brown’s bereavement was for someone he ‘only knew five minutes’ indicates a deep, disturbing character flaw of your own. Perhaps you should seek someone professionally trained to help, like a counsellor, rather than posting drivel all over the Internet. Would that be something you would be willing to at least try and do?

Ruth said...

And I would suggest William that a roadsweeper would have considerably more experience of 'real life' through trying to keep a roof over his/her head & food in his/her mouth in a country where the benefit scrounger is king & has a better material quality of life than most ordinary workers. S/he might certainly have a closer acquaintance with truth & honesty than McSnot who lies every time he opens his mouth.

Oldrightie said...

Why is hatred so poor a word to describe the loathing I have for Brown and his Labour Orwhelans?

Dark Lochnagar said...

I've got errors coming up on mine when I pass comments too, Rosie. I think it's a temporary glitch.

Anyway what about this desire for hairy ankles like Broon's?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I see the electioneering has started.
Hiya William.
Do you work for the Labour Party by any chance?

subrosa said...

HG, the election will be won in Middle England not here - that's according to the experts, not me .:)

The SNP have never had a good press here, ever and have been slow to meet the dirty tricks of labour. I would say they're still slow but it's a matter of opinion.

Tell me about how Scotland suffers because we have an SNp government. It's appalling. Yet, labour have been happy to control the whole of Glasgow most of my lifetime and, I'm sure you know, areas of Glasgow have the worst health and poverty records in the whole of Europe.

Yet people vote for labour. I shake my head in despair at times.

subrosa said...

William, Gordon Brown is a career politician. He's never run a business or had any form of financial insecurity as many good people have owing to government policies.

I'm not too bothered about his personal dramas. At his age we all have to suffer to some extent and he hasn't suffered any more than most of us. Truthfully I find it nauseating labour's necessity to resort to such things when we have families in this country who are either in deep grief or constantly anxious in case they receive a knock on the door.

Don't tell me about Gordon Brown and him being worse off than most because he's not.

subrosa said...

CF, you're the second person to warn me about that. I've been looking to see how to solve it but don't have a clue. Think I'll have to ask one of the more technically aware bloggers.

Many thanks.

subrosa said...

He doesn't does he Clarinda, even thought he likes to think so as 'a son of the manse'.

subrosa said...

William, I've said all I'm going to say about your comment regarding Gordon Brown 'suffering' more than most.

Maybe, if you go into the real world you'll see people overcome tremendous disability and bereavement but without the financial cushion Gordon Brown has always had.

subrosa said...

Well said Ruth.

subrosa said...

It is rather OR. I said earlier detestation seems a more apt word.

subrosa said...

Thanks DL, I've been worried all day about this. Don't know what to do.

subrosa said...

Auch Conan, William couldn't possibly be labour. He must be a tory spin doctor.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'm Ok now. And your ankles?

subrosa said...

I'm ok now too I think DL.

As for my ankles, they're swollen as usual. :( Men usually have slimmer ankles than wimmin, or is it an ageing problem?

Uncle Marvo said...

Hi William

Sorry for the delay in replying, only I was pissed and without an internet connection, as I have a life.

I have a problem with the word "professional". It always seems to indicate to me someone in a silly suit, and qualified as something that the PTB would like to see as a "profession". This would include accounting, which is the branch of sums that ensures that the government gets their due, or a solicitor, the branch of cock that ensures that what the government says, goes.

I am not a professional, being in a trade that isn't called that. But I can tell you truly that I, and most of the other bloggers I read, could run the country better, cheaper and more efficiently than the bunch of professionals with which we are currently encumbered, and who have managed to fool enough people to get them in power.

My mate Albert (rapidly becoming famous) is a cleaner and he could, too. Because he understands the proletariat, for one thing, and he has had to live on what he's earned, through his labours. And he suffers from all sorts of disabilities, notably a terrible stutter, dependency on skunk, and being black.

I didn't create the real world. People did, and it is these people who still live in it. The polls will show that they have had enough of lies and deceit - sadly it will also show that there are some nest-featherers who will surely vote for the Regime because they are worthlessly employed and any other regime will have them out on their ears tout-de-bloody-suite, and rightly so. People in the real world watch State TV, a lot of the time. You can tell this by listening to them every morning discussing what inane drivel happened on whatever inane TV show they all watched the night before. I don't have a TV, because I would rather spend the licence cash on real stuff, such as beer.

Gordon Brown has more political experience than most and is very good at his job, which is to listen to what people say and then to answer a question which he'd hoped they'd asked. That is not what makes a good leader of a country. It is what makes a career politician. He is also from the arse end of a country in which I do not live, nor want to, and he has no idea at all about what is happening to people at the bottom of the pile. And we're talking one huge bottom here.

He lives in a bubble, where he pays nothing, takes lots, and when that isn't enough, takes more. When you live in the real world you have an amount, and that amount has to do. I (and hopefully you, too) can't say "I want" and magic up the beans from the money tree. He can. He does. And when it isn't enough he will sell what is not his to pay for it.

Yes, my comment about "knew for five minutes" could well have come over as a bit harsh. Compared to the 25 years I knew mine, it IS five minutes.

I have a seriously disturbing character flaw. More than one. I was not like this once, as I was brought up by my parents to believe that I was lucky to live in a great country, where freedom and fairness had been fought for by my grandparents and other relatives, some of whom died in the name of it, and who would be revolving in their graves like so many dervishes if they had any idea what was happening today.

It is apparent from your stance that you are not a troll, and I gather you don't have "form", therefore I can only surmise that you are a labour drone. Are you totally brainwashed, or are you in one of those lovely, yet useless, positions. Perhaps a senior administrator in a hospital, draining the money away which could have saved my daughter? An accountant, perhaps? A solicitor? In the Health and Safety executive?

Please say. I am enjoying your company.



PS I made up the bit about Cameron. I'm practising.

Uncle Marvo said...

Where's Willie?

subrosa said...

I don't know Marvo, I'll put out a call for him.


Uncle Marvo said...

Oor Wullie's gone.

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