Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blogger Help Required


I'm looking for a Blogger expert who can help me resolve a Malware problem. Some readers are getting a warning that access to this blog may cause problems then a link goes to this page. (Google diagnostics page for Lallands Peat Worrier).

It appears the problem lies in a link with Lalland Peat Worrier, another Scottish blogger, who has linked to a site with a virus.

All day I've been reading Blogger to see if I can get a diagnosis test but none of the instructions make sense. When I try to do a Google diagnostic page for here I get one answer. I haven't clicked on the link:

  1. 0.5809 reliability 0.9927 main center 1.0000 optional pdx file ...

    ... city government 0.0043 great asset 0.5167 diagnostic code 1.0000 visual ..... method 0.8198 sub rosa video 1.0000 starnet communications 0.9998 object ...... scout 1.0000 xanga safebrowse 1.0000 xbow 1.0000 unknown platform 1.0000 ..... 0.0587 remote control 1.0000 apache http server 1.0000 z notation 0.4721 ...
    Can anyone help please? My email is

    Many thanks.


    The Filthy Engineer said...

    Have you tried using Spybot search & destroy?

    subrosa said...

    I use a Mac FE but I've run MacScan and it's ok. I'll check if Spybot works on Macs and if not I'll fire up my laptop and see what I can do.

    Caron said...

    I was getting same thing but removing poor old Peat Worrier from my blog roll (hopefully temporarily) and deleting a recent comment he made seems to have solved the issue.

    Sandy said...

    Just visited the peat worriers blog, his post at 5.53 today says the problem is now sorted.

    Hope that helps

    subrosa said...

    Many many thanks Sandy. I'm running all sorts of Spyware again so fingers crossed.

    Lallands Peat Worrier said...

    Dear Subrosa,

    I've just sent you a wee contrite e-mail, further explaining my cheerful day shorting this out. Unfortunately, its a case of a legitimate site which I linked to getting hacked, and my link to the corrupting material being picked up by Google scanner's sensitive fingers. As Caron mentioned, with the excision of the link, the issue is now resolved. Hence google taking down the warning and the return of my site to the gratifying status of 'not suspicious'. All rather beyond my control, so I sympathise with your difficulty.

    Even so, I want to take this opportunity to apologise for any difficulty or irritation which I might have caused to your readers. The issue is now resolves, so no further warnings should appear. Moreover, to allay your own concerns about your site, here is your own recent diagnostic from google. Like LPW, it is now entirely "not suspicious".

    Apologies again,

    subrosa said...

    Thanks so much for your comment LPW. I can't even reach my diagnostics page for some reason - don't ask.

    It's been worrying with so many people being kind enough to let me know about it.

    Glad all is well now though.

    Allan said...

    Hi Subrosa. You could do a system restore on your PC. It takes about 5 to 10 mins and clears out any threats on your drive. Just click on start on your screen.

    Go to help and support.

    Click on, Undo changes to your computer with system restore.

    Click on restore my pc to an earlier time.

    Select a date, ie 3 days ago.

    Then select Next twice!
    Your pc will auto shut down and come back on in about 5 mins and should clear any junk,spyware, threats etc. Plus you don't loose any data.

    subrosa said...

    Many thanks for that Allan. Very kind of you. It seems the problem is fixed now so I'll wait and see.

    Still, much appreciated.

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