Saturday, 6 March 2010

"The Right Decisions for the Right Reasons"

Yesterday morning I braced myself to watch Gordon Brown's performance at the Iraq Inquiry. After half an hour not even a tasty bacon and tomato roll added interest to the non-event. When the lunch break was declared my relief was indescribable.

Mr Brown will possibly be very sad to know that I declined to watch his afternoon stage show. Tidying up the shed held far more appeal.

Anyone with the slightest interest in military matters or the Iraq and Afghanistan wars knows that Gordon Brown greatly resents the Army, but today they were 'wonderful' and his well-rehearsed tributes I saw only as attempt to buy himself some votes. He'll receive none from the military no matter how much he says he's sad about the deaths in which he was firmly involved.

"Every request for money was met," he stated. What the military wanted they got. Just like that. Yet, when asked if he was aware that the military chiefs had threatened to resign over the 2004 budget he said, "I can't remember all the conversations we had." How very convenient.

He was determined we were made aware that he was 'in the loop' of decision making and yet, for the man who was the second most important person in government at the time, it was clear he had not been party to all the facts. Maybe that was Tony Blair's decision or it could be Gordon Brown had no interest. Somehow I suspect the latter.

The military top brass are hitting back today. Brown blamed them for not using his handouts efficiently - "It's not for me to make the military decisions."

Early yesterday morning John Redwood published a post 'Time to ask about wars'. I doubt if he is satisfied with Gordon Brown's answers either, but he will be aware "The right decisions for the right reasons," was the soundbite of the day.

Mr Brown stuck with the script. I suppose he deserves some credit for that.


Witterings From Witney said...

You deserve a medal SR for lasting as long as you did - I lasted just 30 mins and called it a day, something I wish Brown would do!

Belle said...

And did you notice, Subrosa, that, when asked specifically about Robin Cook's resignation and the fact that at the time RC queried the validity of the intelligence, Brown said, "I cannot recall that". Yet the rest of us knew and understood what Cook was saying.

strapworld said...

But Robin Cook was a man of principle. I did not agree with his politics, but one cannot deny that he stood by what he said and believed in.

Now one cannot say that about Gordon Brown. Does anyone, seriously, know just what he believes in?

As for his answers Subrosa, Please do not let the pathetic questions go without comment. They are fourth class. It needed a lawyer honed in the criminal courts to disect Brown. Each of these people were hand picked byBrown. John Chilcot is a charming man, but as an establishment man he is careful in the phrasing of questions. They sound good but they mean, nine times out of ten, something quite different to we ordinary mortals.

As the general, last night on Newsnight, accepted Brown may well have given every request for 'extra' equipment. The question not asked was one on the Defence Ministry Budget, which Brown guillotined!!

Brown was truthful but also artful.

subrosa said...

WFW, you're very polite. Many would question whether it was tenacity or stupidity.

subrosa said...

Yes Belle, he very conveniently couldn't recall a few times. I do think he had no interest in the military, still doesn't and therefore 'disappeared' as we know.

Blair would have realised he didn't have an ally in Brown so left him alone, but of course now Brown has to defend Blair and his own actions. Anything else would open a great can of worms.

subrosa said...

Jings strapworld, surely you know by now that Brown believe in Brown. Nobody and nothing else.

Yes sorry strapworld, I should have mentioned the questioning. It's been much the same all the way through though and I didn't think they paid particular respect to him.

The budget was in the afternoon session which I missed but I expect he was as evasive as usual. In the morning you could write on one sheet of A4 anything of substance he said and when he did they were stats.

cynicalHighlander said...

"write on one sheet of A4 anything of substance he said"

A post it sticker more like unless one writes extra large.

subrosa said...

Yes possibly CH. I was thinking about the rehearsed soundbites he repeated over and over again.

Brownedov said...

"Tidying up the shed held far more appeal"

Elegantly put and an excellent post.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Now we know why governments don't work. Without the wit or imagination to instigate they merely react to circumstance.

Is there a collective noun for snake-oil salesmen; or is politician acceptable.

subrosa said...

Thank you for the compliment Brownedov. Much appreciated.

subrosa said...

Politician fits the bill perfectly RA.

CrazyDaisy said...

Managed to catch a few lines and tuned in to tune out. Like someone else said the Westmidden branch of B & Q had run out of tins of whitewash - how apt.

Sickened at Broon turning up in The Stan today, clever stunt but no more than that, he can't buy our votes and he knows it, its the Public he's playing up to and making on "how important" he thinks he is.

I dreamt I held a gun to his head last night at Chilcot just to get a truthful answer from him. Days to do are but few, wonder if Murphy will send round the Stasi thought police to get me!


subrosa said...

I think Murphy would erm... refrain from any contact CD.

It was dreadful the whole charade.

Richard said...

There can't possibly be a shortage of cash. I mean, the armed forces managed to find cash for stuff like this:-

£90 million to address the Army's 'diversity crisis' and recruit more Muslims. 15 additional Muslim soldiers were recruited at a cost of £6 million each.

Or Captain Ian/Jan Hamilton - Britain's only transvestite paratrooper. MoD volunteered £250k compensation out of court for hurt feelings after Capt Hamilton was 'forced to dress as a man', err, just like all the other paratroopers at his base.

That cash was being spent on playgrounds for the loony left at the same time as Nimrod aircraft were being flown in a 'not airworthy' state over Afghanistan to act as flying radio relay stations because the £2.6 billion Bowman project produced radios that 'could not transmit from one end of Camp Bastion to the other'.

You may recall that one of the 40 year old Nimrods exploded during in-flight refuelling as the fuel pipe seals hadn't been replaced in decades due to cuts in the maintenance programme. All of the occupants were killed.

One of the victims was Flight Sergeant Gary Andrews, a 30 year veteran of the RAF. Funerals of service personnel killed in action are paid for by MoD. Sgt Andrews' widow received a bill after they refused to pay for the flowers and biscuits consumed at her late husband's funeral.

Who says the armed forces don't have plenty of cash? Save loads by killing personnel in knackered Nimrods and 'mobile coffin' Snatch Land Rovers. Cut back on body armour in war zones and then pick the pockets of the bereaved families. The only problem is what kind of diversity to spend all of that lovely cash on.

I see Gordon is in Afghanistan as we speak. I bet he's been well briefed not to be alone among the troops.

subrosa said...

Somehow I think you'll have touched many raw nerves with your comment Richard.

As you say these are the policies of the lefties and possibly part of the reason labour is so resented in the military.

I understand there was fury when Mrs Andrews received that bill and it was paid from the pocket of his colleagues. Unfortunately, as they were still serving they were unable to write a suitable 'note' with the cheque.

Thanks for bringing these matters to attention Richard. It reminds people just how the government and MoD behave.

Strathturret said...

And the forces have plenty of money for their fancy uniforms, sports teams, playboy princes and miles of senior officers driving desks in Whitehall. Defence procurement is a shambles; that's MOD and services fault not Brown or Blair.

Personally I think we should amalgamate all three services. You mean that would scupper the Twickers rugger match- can't have that old boy!

subrosa said...

Oh dear Strathturret, you don't have any military contacts do you?

Yes procurement is a shambles, that's the fault of governments not the armed forces.

Can I just say the MoD is a government department, not a military one. If it was run by the military it would be in far better shape.

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