Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

More than 20 MPs broke rules on declaring hospitality in questions or debates after visiting locations such as the Maldives, Cyprus and Gibraltar. Between them the MPs, from all the major parties, breached parliamentary regulations on more than 400 occasions. Many MPs had their overseas jaunts paid for by the relevant governments.

Gibraltar's government has funded 31 trips for MPs to attend an annual street party on the territory. Labour's Lindsay Hoyle has been a guest at these National Day Celebrations three times.

"I have never received or sought any financial benefit"

Never received financial benefit?!!

The same MP failed to declare an interest following registered trips to the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Self-regulation in public offices has to be stopped now.


Sandy said...

Self regulation of MP's expenses.

Talk about an oxymoron.

More like zero-regulation.

I reckon the whole blimming shower should be stripped of everything and left to survive on benefits for a year or two. See if they enjoy being called scroungers and cheats on the breadline.

Quiet_Man said...

Start with a blanket ban on all sitting MP's for the next general election, local constituency parties only to select the new candidates.
Reform expenses and travel so that any MP going abroad has to do so through the expenses office alone. Scrap the second home allowance, get a deal with Travelodge or the like to home an MP away from home.

Reform is a dire necessity now, though somehow I suspect they'll try to keep the system limping along hoping we'll forget.

subrosa said...

I reckon that's the best idea I've heard for a resolution Sandy. Will it happen? Of course not.

subrosa said...

Oh they'll do everything they possibly can to keep it going without much change QM. Although the parties speak publicly like enemies, as part of the Westminster bubble they protect each other regardless.

This has developed over generations and it'll take some effort for the public to make them change it.

John Pickworth said...

A round of letter writing to all the local newspapers informing their respective constituents would be a start.

Kick them in the ballots... its the only way they'll learn!

subrosa said...

The problem is John, I don't see enough people will believe what they're told now - of the minority who are even interested.

The party faithful will trot out and put their cross where they've always placed it.

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