Friday, 12 March 2010

More Expensive Brainwashing

Yes, it's Douglas Alexander's department the DFID, that bounteous source of British taxpayers money to other countries in the world.

Aside from millions of pounds given to various overseas projects this week, this one caught my interest: 'Department for International Development (DFID) launch Climate and Development Knowledge Network'.

The UK, through DFID, is funding the project with £50m over five years it was announced at the Agenda 2010 (DFID) annual conference today and it will be launched in March.

This Network will link 60 developing countries with leading climate and development experts, allowing them to commission and share knowledge on how best to tackle the effects of climate change.

Simon Maxwell, Chair of the Climate Network said:

“There are three key features of work we will carry out through the Climate Change and Development Knowledge Network. First, we will be passionate about tackling climate change, but also about tackling poverty and achieving human development. Second, we will support research, but in a way which provides the information that decision-makers need for evidence-based policy making. Third, we will work in response to the needs of developing countries, but also focus our resources to make maximum impact.”

They don't give up do they.

If you do read the link above you will also see Britain is to give £30 million to help people who have been displaced by the fighting in Pakistan. Another £10 million (and a further £20 million subject to performance) will be given to a Multi Donor Trust Fund for reconstruction and development in conflict affected areas bordering Afghanistan.

I read, not so long ago, there's more money in war than any other business on earth. Now I'm beginning to believe it but climate change isn't so far behind. If you follow the excellent Richard North he records much of the expenditure our government uses on brainwashing the population in UK and beyond.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

"decision-makers need for evidence-based policy making"




Apogee said...

So there we are. Sixty million quid of our (taxpayers) money to be given away, and for what? and who actually gets it?.
But wait, its not even our money, this is money borrowed(because we are broke) to give away on something of which only the flimsiest detail is emerging.And will have to be paid for,by us, long after this incompetent,morally bankrupt, corrupt and duplicitous shower trying to claim to be a government,have all left the political scene.
Just how far we are in the financial black hole due to this lot, no one knows, will the budget tell us any thing ?
Very unlikely anything honest!
In all seriousness, Does any party really want to win this coming general election?If there was a box on the paper saying "none of the above",probably 75% of the citizens would put their cross in it.

subrosa said...

Another suitable word 'gravy-train' I think Incoming.

subrosa said...

Dave says he's not going to change any present policies I believe. Marvellous isn't it Apogee.

CrazyDaisy said...

Incoming - you beat me to it!

Perhaps they would seek to ensure evidence based research is selectively displayed/endorsed to suit their ends again. F*ckwits!

For the record this money is but a drop in their £8.9Bn, YES! Billion!budget, I'm due an update on monday when I attend one of their brainwashing sessions.

I have yet to see any repeat any worthy use from these well minded, intelligent but utterly lacking any CDF types that benefits my country, Scotland!


p.s. I shall update on monday pm!

Demetrius said...

Most of the money will end up supporting impoverished bankers in Switzerland. Some of them are down to their last billion.

subrosa said...

Ah CD, I see you keep informed of DFID's expenditure. I thought giving the page link would open folk's eyes.

Let me know your thoughts about Monday.

subrosa said...

Or government officials who need a new swimming pool Demetrius.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Just keep reminding ourselves - their gravy train is us.

This is akin, considering the present situation, to an individual spending (borrowing?) tens of thousands on botox when they've been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

subrosa said...

I see your analogy RA but I'd prefer it was more like a footballer thinking he would be in the world cup team when he broke a leg a week before the final.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Just a thought but we do need to start some actions to register just how pissed off we really are with these idiots.

For instance:
A buying strike - one day when nothing is bought or paid. this could be extended to a weekend then a week etc.

We all apply for immigration visas to anywhere.( Five million Britons apply as economic migrants to Somalia. - What a headline?)

Return all tax forms to wrong tax office or direct to Treasury or 11 Downing Street. Do not use online facilities.

For all PAYE employees to keep receipts for all job related travel costs and expenses and use self assessment forms requesting tax rebates.

We need to get proactive. There must be thousands of ways we can register our contempt for the contemptuous way they treat us.

Apogee said...

Hi SR , you are ahead of me, Dave says he is not going to change any policies, far as I was aware he had not said one word about policies.So, basically, he will do nothing?
So no party wants to win?
Bit like the national service joke.
Squaddies' in a line, one volunteer, step forward. So the whole line except one idiot steps back!Now who is being volunteered to save the country?

subrosa said...

Now there's a post RA. Will you write it or will I?

subrosa said...

It seems he will do nothing Apogee but he desperately wants to win. I want to be 44 again. Which is more likely?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa - I'm busy at the moment applying for visa's

Can't make up my mind between Somalia, Gambia or Liberia. I know they've all got hellish poverty problems and corruption is probably as endemic as it is here.

But they don't give the crowns and coronets and they let you live your life and die your death with the minimum of expensive red-tape and they don't charge too much in life-rent for occupying the little bit of the land they lord over.

Britain is finished; it's too expensive and too miserable a place to be fit for the purposes of living.

In short, it may finally balance it's stupidly beloved books by having no books to balance.

subrosa said...

I have to admit RA I live in perhaps one of the least 'spoilt' parts of these islands. A geriatric paradise perhaps but it can be good for your health to grow older pleasantly. My sojourns to other areas ensure I appreciate my good fortune.

CrazyDaisy said...


Slightly delayed update from the brainwashing! Approx 2500 employees half deployed abroad on ridiculous wages with a budget of £6Bn per annum accounting for 0.7% of GDP which the Tories intend maintaining. Used to be part of the FCO and set up by Labour in 1997 and due to the UNs Millenium Goals is supposed to lift 500,000 people out of poverty which is un-measurable. Should be achieved by 2015.

Basically they advise foreign govts who the FCO is interested in and unofficially bribe them around to doing the UKs bidding. Iraq was a catastrophic failure of UK and DFiD policy and an example of how not to do it!

As for UK NGOs funelling funds back into the Labour Party they flatly denied it, all they ask is that "partnering" NGOs like Oxfam et al give them credit for the funding by labelling goods for distribution with UKAID.

Basically I see no useful employment for these FCO failures. Broon wants things in Haiti he says so civil servants from the Cabiney Office jump nothing is clearly thought through, lacks planning and clear direction & guidance from Ministers.

Basically it's a department for haemoraging taxpayers money with wee Dougie at the helm heading for the rocks. Some gifted folk working for them shoring up the incompetent Hoons from Liebore and making the best if a bad lot. Under the Tories mo change no feckin surprise then, status quo maintained by CMD.

I get it but I don't see the necessity only because the UN says so, we lead Europe in it but the employees are mainly Europeans and not Brits, they don't like the Comprehensive Approach nor the Military. WTF is going on with UK plc = cluster.

It's Time!


subrosa said...

Jings CD, that comment deserves a post of its own - with a bit of editing mind!

Let me know what you think.

CrazyDaisy said...

Dig out Madame if you need anythingextra email me! Also got updated on the Stabilisation Unit and FCO!

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