Monday, 22 March 2010

Europe Blocking US Banks


Alex Porter said...

Like this entry a lot! Not much is being said about what really going on in the financial world. Many political blogs just rehash the mainstream media nonsense. I think bloggers should be challenging those myths. I also like the idea that a Scottish blog looks at the international picture.

Keep flying!

subrosa said...

Thanks Alex. Must do my best to look after the little bit of pension I have left.

Alex Porter said...

and everyone else's. Economic entries don't get much comment but that doesn't reflect the importance of them!

subrosa said...

It's such a shame Alex but I think part of the reason is that finance is cloaked in 'speak' which the average person doesn't understand. The amounts of our money which has been ploughed into the system people just can't accept. The figures are like fantasy. I understand that.

It's time the world of finance was talked about in terms which most of us can understand. For example 'hedge funds'. Who has ever explained these in layman's terms? Very few and I keep an eye on these things.

Most financial sites talk in bankers speak that's the problem.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

All you need to know about the world of high finance Rosa is that it's designed to screw the little people and to devour any country, place or corporate body that shows signs of weakness.

It pay's no homage to rule, regulation or responsibility other than those that serve its own interests.

Its standards have an elasticity that go beyond the concepts of time warp.

And all this for a product that has a far greater reliance on faith, sorcery and voodoo than any other smoke and mirrors trick employed by man in the battle for myth to triumph over rationalism.

subrosa said...

You sound so like my Dad there RA. That's more or less what he used to think.

Mind you he enjoyed his dabbling on the stock exchange.

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