Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blair's Booty

Tony Blair's over-stepped the mark. He's upset the chair of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. The former Tory cabinet minister Ian Lang has finally lost patience with the former Prime Minister and decided to ignore his objections and publish Mr Blair's hidden deals.

The Advisory Committee had allowed Blair to keep details of the fact he's been secretly receiving cash from a South Korean energy company and from Kuwaiti royals - the South Korean UI Energy Corporation which has oil interests in the US and Iraq to be precise.

Blair has reportedly made some £20 million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 and approximately £1 million sterling from the Kuwaiti government. It was disclosed he had been acting as a 'governance adviser' to the Kuwaiti government since June 2008.

The Committee website has now published a statement identifying Blair's job as "advice to a consortium of investors led by the UI Energy Corporation (publication delayed due to market sensitivities)."

After I'd written this I noticed Blair's War Profits. Worth a read.


banned said...

Nothing to fear Mr Blair? Nothing to hide?

Kinnocks next, if you please.

Indyanhat said...

How does he/why do we let him get away with this???

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