Saturday, 6 March 2010


Another soldier from 3 RIFLES has been killed in Afghanistan. He died from wounds received as a result of an explosion which occurred near Sangin, in Helmand province, yesterday morning.

"He was on foot patrol to the south-west of Patrol Base Blenheim when he was struck by an explosion. He died in the course of his duty and among his comrades. He will be sorely missed and we will remember him," said spokesman for Task Force Helmand, Lieutenant Colonel David Wakefield.

Today Gordon Brown is visiting Afghanistan in a visit he said was "planned for some time." Now I have the answer to why he was so gratuitous in his praise of the military yesterday at the Chilcot Inquiry. If he was hoping his syrup-loaded remarks would make him more welcome again he misjudges our armed forces. They are people of principle and honesty. They cannot afford to trust those who they know to be untruthful because that could cost them their lives.

Brown has promised 2000 new IED detectors and announced they will be given 200 new patrol vehicles to replace the much criticised Snatch Land Rovers. It's nearly a decade since the army said Snatch Land Rovers weren't suitable for the terrain in the middle east as they were originally procured for Northern Ireland duties.

Since the beginning of operations in October 2001 269 British forces personnel have died serving in Afghanistan, plus thousands who have been seriously wounded. Now that other countries are planning to withdraw their troops I wonder if the words "The right decisions for the right reasons" will come back to haunt Gordon Brown. I do hope so because in this war there are no winners or losers, only a culture of local leaders making good and a corrupt government which will never change.

My fellow Scots blogger Fitaloon has also given his tribute.


strapworld said...

Two more brave souls today, Subrosa.

One thing the coward from Number 10 will not do, but should, is fly back with the remains of those two brave lads and honour them, as Obama did!!

Will he ? No of course not he will not wish to be associated with death. He is the great saviour!

Subrosa please take him back!

subrosa said...

Sorry strapworld, the MoD's not up to date. I'll organise things. Thanks for letting me know.

Baron's Life said...

My opnion's always been that we shouldn't be fighting a War we cannot win with civility.
Mat the two recently fallen rest in peace. They shall not be forgotten

subrosa said...

Morning Baron. What is wrong with the male leaders in today's world that they can't sit down and talk. They never change. No one wins in war.

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