Sunday, 21 March 2010

£100 Parking Fines

Plans have been drawn up to increase the current £60 penalty to £100 in areas where parking is controlled by local authorities. This includes Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.

Council bosses claim the need the extra cash to offset soaring parking attendant salaries and to deter drivers from contravening regulations.

Holyrood ministers are backing the controversial idea and set out their support for the increase in a consultation document prepared by the Scottish Government's transport directorate. It states: 'The Scottish ministers' goal of local authorities operating self-financing parking operations is becoming less realistic as the cost of parking enforcement rises. Against that scenario ministers now propose issuing revised guidance allowing participating local authorities the option to introduce two higher rates of penalty charge notice - £80 (discounted to £40 if paid within 14 days) and £100 (discounted to £50 if paid within 14 days).

The consultation is due to close in June after which ministers will decide whether to rubber stamp the plan.

Motoring groups described the proposed fine increases out 'outrageous' and warned of a backlash from long-suffering drivers.

Under decriminalised parking law, introduced in Scotland in 1997, local authorities took over the administration of most parking regulations previously handled by police traffic wardens.

Income from fines is a significant source of revenue for councils. This year Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow expect to rake in at least £14.1 million from penalties.

The consultation document states 'Staff salaries have increased 50% since 2001'. A salary increase of 50% in 9 years? Don't anyone dare tell me that those working in the public sector aren't well paid. This will become law as the Scottish Government support the action. Just make sure that if you ever park in any of these council areas, your car is between parking lines and not on them. A friend recently was given a £60 penalty notice in Edinburgh because her back wheels were on the line not inside it.


Anonymous said...

Your friend's experience showed the stupidity of the traffic wardens concerned SR.

But I live in a street where there are parking bays on one side of the street and double yellows on the other. The double yellow lines are ignored, causing a dangerous situation, making it almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to park in or get out of the bays because people can't be bothered walking a few extra feet. I'd be delighted if they charged them £1000 a shot.

In some cases, particularly near corners, it can mean sight lines are affected, and accidents happen.

In a narrow street it has to do with the ability of fire engines, and ambulances to access the area.

It should never have been decriminalised. It can be really serious.

subrosa said...

Yes it can be serious Tris, but most of the fines are for plain daft parking not dangerous parking.

I was done at Ninewells a few years ago. I parked on a single yellow line to go and get a wheelchair for a friend who was attending for further cancer treatment. Was gone around 7 minutes and they got me. Of course my friend was in the car and said they were unable to walk, explained where I'd gone etc but they ignored her.

Chuck said...

If the whole system is uneconomic due to increased costs, then surely they can simply shut it down, as it is clearly cheaper to have no fines at all?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Quite right too! Improper parking is a menace to society. The cars should be set on fire, never mind get a ticket. Hrrmph, Hrrmph.

Clarinda said...

....and Perth wonders why its centre instead of being a Pedestrian Only Zone is actually a Pedestrian Free Zone?

Perth was once a busy and bustling large country town - its centre full of intesting and successful independent shops which attracted shoppers from central Scotland. It is now a charity shop, Quid for Tat fest and badly paved walk-way infested by oiks and abandoned by many of its customers who were once the mainstay of its unique shopping. It's still possible to shop in town - but it is now more of a battle to beat the clock than a pleasurable experience.

The ever-growing mob of parking apparatchiks festooned with cameras on their peaked caps and weighed down by gawd knows what strapped around their ample waists ready to pounce on some wretch who has probably just helped to keep a local shop or business in marginal profit, albeit a few minutes beyond the cash already forked out for parking, is now to be stung for £100 so that the writer-outer of the form can earn an even higher wage?

Many local shoppers in Perth and Dundee have to travel in from the outlying country-side and the bus service and timetable is not entirely appropriate. Increasing fines will not increase revenue for the local councils as it will ultimately deter shoppers etc. from city and town centres much to the financial gain of large out of town super-stores.

Last year, allegedly, a large Scottish city employed a 'hit squad' of parking attendants, put them up in a four star hotel (all expenses paid) to perform a carpet-ticketing of local car-driving 'criminals' and still made a profit on the fines after costs.

£100 threats are not going to increase the intellectual capacity of the dangerous idiot who parks stupidly but they may put local shop and restaurants out of business.

Richard Lucas said...

I've managed to get through 56 years of life without ever having been fined for illegal parking. Surely, if you don't like being fined for illegal parking, the answer is to not park illegally? Or am I missing something here?

Jess The Dog said...

Plenty of fines are unpaid or successfully challenged....this will increase nonpayment.

subrosa said...

Chuck, that's far too sensible an idea - you know that.

subrosa said...

DL, go back to bed and get out on the right side. :)

subrosa said...

That's what it will do Clarinda and as you say it won't stop those who purposely park illegally.

Perth is very limited for parking and it's quite hopeless to 'nip in' to a shop unless you know the odd wee car park tucked away in a back street.

I've noticed Perth is seldom really busy in recent years. Remember when the farmers wives used to come on a Thursday and spend, spend, spend? We don't see them anymore. Of course that's also to do with the Mart closing after decades of being the top one in Scotland.

subrosa said...

I should have explained what a Mart is. It is an auction house for farm animals. I don't mean the customers!

subrosa said...

Nobody wants a fine Richard, but at times yellow lines and parking lines can be worn, obstructed etc.

Of course some folk park illegally because they can claim it back on expenses so why bother looking for a legal parking space.

subrosa said...

Then the price will rise again Jess. There's no stopping it really.

Until a few years ago there was only one council paying car park in this small town. Now every one of them charges. Even the small car park outside the library charges.

We don't have wardens on duty every day here just once a week and the day varies. Word goes round quickly when they're here. So then we either go home and go back the following day or park in hotel car parks if we can. Hotels are understanding but that's a small community for you.

banned said...

To be honest I park illegally all the time, though not dangerously or anti-socially (like in empty residential streets which only have yellow lines to encourage you to use the nearby council £10 a day car park).

Last month I got my first ticket in about 5 years (£25) which I paid up quite happily since I reckon that I've had my monies worth.

subrosa said...

I refuse to pay in town here banned. I take my chance knowing no wardens are in town that day. It's all just for more money I consider paying £148 a month council tax is enough.

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