Monday, 22 February 2010

Take Your Pick


Aangirfan -  Turkey to be Split Up

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System -  School Spied on Pupils Through Webcams

Counting Cats in Zanzibar -  Tracy Gets It

Cynical Tendency -  Are We Greeks or Romans?

Dr Grumble -  What can you see?

Joyce McMillan -  Spontaneous, Genuine or Just Plain Repellent

Lobbydog - Reform will have to be fought for

Letters from a Tory -  Don't Look so Smug Darling

Man in a Shed -  How state-funded climate hysteria works

Oh What NOW! -  Sheer Arrogance

The Anger of a Quiet Man -  The beam in your own eye


MekQuarrie said...

Great selection.

subrosa said...

Ta. Fonts seem to have gone wrong and can't fix it :(

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks for the mention !

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