Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is Sentencing Haywire?

Pictured above is Ian Stafford, 59, a church-goer and once a highly respected member of the community and Mayor of Preesall in Lancashire before his 'bluntly revolting' behaviour was uncovered Preston Crown Court heard.

Mr Stafford is a part-time handyman and gardener and had been employed for years by some of his victims who trusted him with keys to their homes.

You may be wondering what Mr Stafford did to be jailed for two years. Well, he has a knicker fetish, so he used to rifle their underwear drawers and masturbate before replacing the knickers, sometimes taking a pair or two with him. One of his 'victims' suspected something was going on and installed a hidden camera in her bedroom. That was Mr Stafford's downfall.

He has now resigned as mayor of Preesall.

Now we have the story of a south Harrow teenager who stabbed a motorist with a screwdriver and walked free from court last year with only a suspended sentence. Wais Nazari, 19, attacked Mehdi Kyrostami by slashing him across the stomach and stabbing him in the back with a screwdriver before fleeing the scene.

Did Mr Stafford cause any injury to anyone? I agree he abused the trust put in him by these women but his behaviour did not threaten their lives although they may have thought their personal privacy had been invaded.

Far too often we hear of people walking free from court having been accused of serious crimes such as manslaughter, yet a man who gets his kicks from sniffing women's knickers is jailed for two years.

Mr Stafford should have been given a small fine. He's a man who satisfies his sexual urges in a different way to what is accepted in society today; a harmless soul who has completely lost his standing in his own community. If I knew the prison address I would persuade a few of my own pals to donate a few pairs of knickers and would send them to him with our best wishes.

There wouldn't be a return address on the parcel though!

Thanks to Dark Lochnagar as he brought the fetish story to my attention.


Quiet_Man said...

A small fine for Mr. Stafford yes, though I doubt any woman would feel that comfy with him living next door.

Wais Nazari should have received a custodial sentence.

Dramfineday said...

Poor soul needs professional help. A session or two scrubbing knicker gussets might help

subrosa said...

I fervently disagree with you QM. I'd much prefer Mr Stafford to live next door to me than quite a few I could mention. Let's start with pedophiles, those accused of grievous bodily harm, rapists. The list is endless.

This man's fetish does no harm to people, it harmed the dignity of a few women who shouldn't have given him the keys to their homes. Nobody with any sense would give the keys to their homes these days unless it is close family.

I learned this the hard way with having a mother who gave the keys to her home to the window cleaner of all people, and she lived in a bungalow! She lived with the illusion every man who knocked at her door fancied her. No she didn't suffer from a mental illness, she was just a fool - like Mr Stafford.

I won't go into the details of her foolishness. It doesn't deserve to be made public.

subrosa said...

Dram, I think with 2 years in prison in the company of some of those present, he'll never sniff another pair of knickers again.

Poor sod.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


the knickers Mr Stafford got his rocks off to were probably the more modern skimpy type.

Unlike the washed out grey granny panties you and your elderly friends wear

here is a pic

Now the ones worn by Mrs Robinson are of a different category entirely.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr M,

Haste ye to Banff.

I've seen 65 year olds wearing thongs.

Don't ask. It was an accidental viewing. One that will replace the monster in my nightmares.


subrosa said...

CR, I don't live in Banff and I'm (fortunately) still 63. Don't bother with thongs either, they encourage piles.

scunnert said...

The moral of the story I suppose is it's better to be an evil bastard than a sad bastard.

Captain Ranty said...

Ah, still a youngling then.

They DO encourage piles, hence the new terror in the dark, dark nights. I wake up sweating, I do. Crying, sometimes.


subrosa said...

I woke crying sometimes in the days I wore them CR. ;) That's why they were binned.

Captain Ranty said...


You have me convinced.

I am throwing all of mine out this minute.

Besides, it's not right for a 48 year old man to own such a large selection.

I realise that now.


subrosa said...

CR congratulations. Consider you've had a lucky escape and years of having to use Anusol. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, I'm shocked and stunned. I never thought when in all innocence I posted this story that you would be flushed out as Cynthia from Dundee the woman who sends soiled knickers through the post for a considerable fee. I thought by your photo at the top you were a middle aged wifey not the topless 44DD Blonde whose photo my friend received with his knickers. And now you tell us that you have a gang of friends that also supply soiled knickers to you! Do you send out their photos with their knickers are do you just send the same one? Here you are acting all prude and not swearing on your blog when you are sending out letters with explicit sex words and descriptions of sexual activity that should never be allowed in a presberterian land.

P.s. if I send you my address by e-mail can you send me a pair then I can read your blog each night with them over my head and think of you. My love!

D.L. xxxx

subrosa said...

DL, I too am shocked and stunned. I never would have believed I had competition in this small, specialised market!

Dundee is an amazing place though isn't it - full of hidden surprises.

Cynthia xx

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, I would have thought with all your friends' knickers, you'd have cornered the soiled knicker market in the North-East.

subrosa said...

DL I'm not as ambitious as I used to be. Just a little subsidy to my pension for the odd bottle of something is all I desire these days. :)

Uncle Marvo said...

Whilst I realise that books can't be judged by their covers, I have to say that were I to be asked whether Mr Stafford's chief hobby was more likely to be weekend rugger of knicker-sniffing, I should probably choose the latter.

Bizarrely, I can find no picture of Mr Nazari, nor even another report (apart from the court listing). I find this odd. Especially odd that only the Times chose to report such a heinous crime - perhaps it is too common in Edgware.

However, I would point out that Mr Stafford is a perv and a fine one at that, whereas Mr Nazari is a cunt and should therefore be given to the family of the victim to do with what they will.

subrosa said...

Uncle Marvo, there are far too many serious crimes in Edgware and surrounding area. When I looked for an example of murder/manslaughter/walk free most were in the SE.

Vronsky said...

You can be instrumental in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and it will make you rich. Get caught having a wank, and you're doomed. We have all the wrong people in jail.

PS: SR, if you are still offering to donate pre-owned knickers to needy cases, please contact me off-blog.

Richard said...

Another fine example of the modern approach to justice: hammer those who are easy to catch and won't fight back, easy on those who might be awkward or violent. I read a long time ago (in the context of Stalin and the British left) that socialists always side with the bully. Almost everything I have seen since confirms that.

A fine and a slap on the wrist for Mr Stafford; hard labour for the screwdriver-wielding thug. It won't happen any time soon.

subrosa said...

We do have many of the wrong people in jail Vronsky.

I'll contact you by email once the bank manager accepts my business plan. Presently going through my 11th appeal.

subrosa said...

It won't happen anytime soon Richard, not until we get politicians with consciences.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Donating knickers, would that be known as knicker backer glory?!

subrosa said...

Excellent Derek! Can I employ you as my marketing director once the bank finally see the sense of my proposed enterprise?

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