Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The EU's Latest Wheeze

From July, all packaging of organic food must display the new 'Euro-leaf' (left above).

Brussels officials say the green image must appear on all pre-packed organic goods produced in Europe starting from this summer. The green leaf design will appear on tens of thousands of products ranging from milk and bread to chocolate and bottles of wine.

The Soil Association, which certifies the bulk of organic goods produced in the UK, said its own logo would continue to appear on thousands of goods in tandem with the Euro-leaf.

The European Commission assessed 3,500 competition entries before shortlisting three organic logos for a public vote which finally chose the Euro-leaf, designed by a German student, as the winner.

"It's a nice elegant design and I look forward to buying products carrying this logo," EU commissioner for agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel said.

Have these people nothing more to do that sit in Brussels gazing at graphics which will do nothing to improve anyone's quality of life?

This will increase the cost of organic food of course. The Soil Association logo is black and white but to introduce a colour into the printing process will cost the packaging company more. I want to know what country my food comes from and this leaf symbol will do next to nothing to assist me with that.

Expect more of the same nonsense regulation because rumour has it that 'Europe is slumped in a mood of unusually persistent gloom' and high heid-yins are saying 'Europe suddenly seems to matter a lot less in the world.'

We're at war and the best the EU can do is decide our food needs a green leaf to identify it. Let's get out of this costly talking shop.


John Pickworth said...

Why only 12 stars? Are some country's about to leave the EU?

We the public demand to know... ?

Witterings From Witney said...


Alternative title, or final sentence:

Can we leaf yet?

subrosa said...

I noticed that John but was rushing to publish it. Must google it later and see if there's an explanation.

subrosa said...

It's not a sake of can we WFW, we must and stop all this nonsense throwing billions at global warming scams.

Oldrightie said...

How on earth did we get to this place? Labour.

subrosa said...

I don't know OR and it's more frightening every day. Our money is being given to other countries, we're throwing billions at this climate scam, our utility bills are said to increase four fold. Where does it end?

Witterings From Witney said...


*sigh* ok, we must leaf now!

Leaf??? Oh, never mind.

Hythlodaeus said...

Don't be too quick to jump Subrosa. If we left the free trade zone the EU provides, then we'd be looking at an economic decline which would make the recession look like a blip.

No to mention the possibility of reduced availability of goods and rising prices on goods from the EU. Possibly over-dependance on the US as well.

Oldrightie: The Tories took us in to Europe. Eden and Heath all the way.

Tory Totty Online said...

lol . . oh Sb . . .every time I come to your place I leave depressed! lol (in a good way!) What planet are these lunatics on! WHEN will we get an election!

subrosa said...

Must disagree Hythodaeus. We can be part of Europe in a similar manner to the Nordic countries and Switzerland.

Have you heard of a decline in their trade?

subrosa said...

Auch TT, will your lot make a difference? Quite honestly I can't see a fag paper between the tories and labour.

The tories need to stick to what they're good at and that's being to the right. Somehow they're trying too hard to appeal to the left, right and centre. It just doesn't work.

The SNP have managed that in recent years but it won't last much longer.

I would have thought tory HQ would have noticed.

Stewart Cowan said...

The flag has always had 12 stars. Something to do with the 'Queen of Heaven'. Is supposedly based on Revelation 12:1,

"...upon her head a crown of twelve stars."

The new logo will ensure further integration with the EU. Yet more legislation. Another visible sign to the proles that they are taking over.

Hythlodaeus, I disagree. The Europeans aren't going to stop trading with us when we leave. We have a large trade deficit with EU countries.

Anyway, what price freedom?

subrosa said...

Thanks for the info Stewart. I thought the intention was to add more stars but obviously not.

Stewart Cowan said...

As a flag seller, I'm glad they keep it the same. I resent selling it, but what can I do?

subrosa said...

Keep selling them Stewart. As a retailer you can't put your personal feelings ahead of your business can you.

Stewart Cowan said...

Actually, I do. I refuse to sell the homosexual paraphernalia. You should see the range these days (or not). 'Bi-Pride', Gay Bear flags, Pink Union Jacks (treason!).

subrosa said...

Jings Stewart, I can see why you do. I'd no idea that was such big business.

Do you sell many EU flags?

Stewart Cowan said...

It seems to be big business judging by the range.

I don't sell that many EU flags. Not as many as you would expect.

The likes of town halls buy the Union flag for flying and people generally want the national flags.

Many sports fans buy flags and there's not an EU team, although some people want an EU team in future Olympics.

The most popular flags are the Union, St. George, St Andrew, Wales, Ireland, Oz, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and USA (prob. not as popular as it was a few years ago).

The sales hotline can be reached on 0845...!

subrosa said...

Stewart thanks for the comment and taking the trouble to give the most popular ones. You should have put the phone number on!!

Spain, France and Brazil surprise me, the others not so much.

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