Sunday, 21 February 2010

Charity Boss Calls Brown's Bluff

In an important development concerning the Andrew Rawnsley book revelations, Christine Pratt, founder of the charity National Bullying Helpline along with her husband David, has spoken out against Gordon Brown's denial that he abused No 10 staff.

Mrs Pratt said she had "seen red" after ministers rallied round to deny claims in a new book, that the PM had been warned over his treatment of staff.

She said: "I have personally taken a call from staff in the Prime Minister's office, staff who believe they are working in a bullying culture and that is has caused stress.

"We would have hoped Gordon Brown would lead by example.  If an employer receives complaints they should investigate.

"I'm not accusing Gordon Brown of being a bully.  I'm saying that our leader should lead by example and follow due process.  We are surprised Lord Mandelson and the leader and his office are going into denial."

Mrs Pratt said there had been "three or four" contacts with the helpline from Downing Street staff in recent years, but others had been received before Mr Brown took charge.

Thankfully Mrs Pratt has spoken out and let those who had any doubt know the truth. It's quite unbelievable the PM treats some of his staff so badly they feel the need to telephone a helpline.  One of his staff needing help I could understand but several shows a serious problem. How much more evidence do labour supporters need to see that Gordon Brown is not fit to lead this country.

May I applaud Mrs Pratt for speaking out. With taking this action, as well as Gordon Brown being proven to be in complete denial about his behaviour and/or economical with the truth, she has also ensured that those who do use her service will be completely supported.

The BBC have an earlier video clip here although my post was taken from the latest Sky News feature.


Andrew Reeves said...

Hi Subrosa, good post and I sort of agree about calling Brown's bluff.

However, my post on this goes from the breach of confidentiality angle, because Christine Pratt has said that phone calls were made (less traceable unless they were from the office), but she also said material was downloaded, if that happened to be from the office that person is now potenially traceable.

The people that were bullied probably felt better after contacting the helpline, but today they won't be even if they have left the Cabinet Office and if they are still in Government somewhere they will be going through hell tonight and tomorrow going to work will be a major and stressful event.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the bullying are, the breach of confidentiality is even bigger.

Witterings From Witney said...

And needless to say No 10 has denied it!

Note that Christine Pratt never said that No 10 contacted her 'charity', but said that staff had contacted them.

Why do No 10 deny allegations that were never made? It only serves to underline the validity of the claims that are made!

subrosa said...

Andrew, I haven't read your post yet. I rattled this one off after hearing her on Sky News just after dinner.

Yes confidentiality did cross my mind but, looking at her website, she says she will never use any information without the person's consent. If she has broken that then that of course brings her charity into disrepute.

Surely they wouldn't be stupid enough to download such material on a government computer?

Let's wait and see if confidentiality has been breached. I'm not too sure.

subrosa said...

I'll have to join that site before I can read your link WFW but I will once the skiing is finished. :)

Did you see Andrew's post above?

Anonymous said...

Good post SR.

Only one thing I take exception to... she calls Brown "our leader". Good god. Leader? ...

..... No wait, I got it: she means leader as in leading from behind.

Brown is a liar we all know. (Well either that or he is unbelievably dim.) Whatever, I'd take this woman's word against his any day. Actually I'd take anyone's word against his any day.

If I were her I wouoldn't go taking any walks in forests.

Witterings From Witney said...

SR, what is "skiing"? Is this some form of new sport or some ancient art that the English taught you Scots in the time when you were 'under the English thumb'? I do know about the sport of Salmon(d) fisking, sorry, fishing - is 'skiing' on a par?

Sorry, only having a joke - promise!

Witterings From Witney said...


No, you forget - Brown is always in front, it is Manelson that is always behind! Queer arrangement, I know.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"May I applaud Mrs Pratt for speaking out."

Yeah? She may be brave now but wait till Mandy sends the guys with knuckle-dusters round. ;-)

subrosa said...

I think she's blown her credibility Tris, if my follow up post link can be believed.

subrosa said...

Oh WFW, you're far too alert for so late on a Sunday evening. ;)

subrosa said...

Aye, I think her charity will be thoroughly investigated now Dick, especially if you read the update.

Witterings From Witney said...


So we are not compatible then......?

Shucks and there was I thinking you Scottish lasses had stamina and taste...


subrosa said...

WFW, midnight's my waking hour, only 39 minutes to go. :) One thing's for sure, I'm not a morning person! I'm robotic in mornings.

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