Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Britain's Private Police Force

The Association of Chief Police Officers, Britain's most powerful police organisation which is run as a private business, has spent millions of pounds on luxury London flats for senior officers.

They spend around £1.6m a year on the accommodation and the money is taken directly from taxpayers' cash given to the ACPO by the Home Office to tackle the terrorist threat across Britain.

ACPO refused to disclose how many apartments it was paying for or who was receiving the perk, but all are said to be well-appointed homes close to Scotland Yard.  ACPO insists they are 'occupied', but two sources say that officers only occasionally stay in them.

This organisation should be abolished.  Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, the police watchdog, went further, saying its 'status as a private limited company cannot continue.'

A senior police source said:

The flats are all over Westminster, like an address book for the well-heeled. They are empty most of the time because there is no need to use them.
‘No politician will ever say this but the terrorism budget is over-stuffed. Every year they have a huge under-spend which they lavish on things that are not needed. These flats were bought out of this under-spend.’

Says it all really about our government.  They are determined to keep us in a state of fear of terrorism and by giving such organisations huge wads of our money, they think that will reinforce the terrorist risk in the country.  The problem is many people don't believe them.



Quiet_Man said...

Acpo is fast becoming a national scandal, the mere notion of a private company setting policies for police forces all over the country would normally have had Labour spitting mad, yet all we get is a deafening silence.

Anonymous said...


There are decent hard working people who are losing their homes in this recession built on greed and stupidity, and then there's this nonsense of these people spending our money on luxury apartments for senior officers.....

It's like a fairly tale of a wicked regime in a distant land... and it's happening in England.

What exactly is ACPO for? Why do they need apartments. Have they gone into the flat letting business? Can we get rid of them?

The British establishment needs root and branch reform top to bottom. We need to join the rest of the world in the 21st century...and yet we have no one who looks ever slightly like they are capable of taking us there.

scunnert said...

It's a funny old world. Get ready for feudalism is making a comeback and we are to be the peasants. Must practice tugging the forelock,

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


What does Doug the dug say about our Nicola now???? what do you say now

Do i hear the sound of Humble pie being eaten all over the Nationalist Blogosphere....

Should Nicola resign i say no she admitted she was wrong and made a mistake.
Alex(Mr 110%) should resign he tried once again to bully his way through the incident..

subrosa said...

It's been a scandal since its conception QM. A private policing business for terrorism?

What I don't understand is why public police authorities objected. What's wrong with them? Are they hamstrung by government in some way?

The police force the public want and know is out there is perfectly able to police terrorism without a non-accountable private branch being set up.

It insults those police who do try to do a decent job.

subrosa said...

Tris, I was going to link to a blog which described them as 'shag pads' but I couldn't remember where I'd read it.

These people also have an effect on our policing as you say.

Too right. Reform from top to bottom in government is the only thing that will ensure the trust of most of the population now.

subrosa said...

Scunnert, it's a sad old world. I'm glad I've had the best of it.

subrosa said...

Niko, I've just come onto my Mac and the first thing I usually do is answer my readers comments so I haven't heard about Nicola's statement.

I did tape the SP this afternoon and I'll watch it after my tea.

Auch Niko, give up about Alex resigning. You'd be living in a much worse Scotland if you didn't have the SNP in government. Think on.

wisnaeme said...

Governance by the privateers without the safeguards of transparancy or accountabilility is tantamount to dictatorship by decree

and we have stumbled far too far down that slippery path leading to an abyss already in the past few decades. Even in WW2 when draconian measures were deemed necessary by government decree in that emergency, to us living in this day and age, they seem tame by comparison.

Or is it a case that those who were around at that time are leaving us in increasing droves and those that are replacing them do not have a concept of the dangers of governance by decree actually leads to.

But I'm sure they will when it's too late to avoid the consequences, naturally.

Perhaps a recent example will suffice:

Last week my employer wrote to me as they did to all other employees involved in driving company vehicles. To all extent and purpose except name, it was a decree. We had to give written consent, naturally ...or there could be consequences. Consequences beyond an ordinary individual's control amounting to control freakery by stealth... and by the application of fear.

A private company called Advanced Checking Services who are apparently working under contract to the DVLA have been commisioned to check and store information concerning driving licences. This could also involve the collection of personal medical information perforce to a driving licence record.

This employee notification also states that, if we have any questions with regards to driving licence checking please contact personel.

Actually, I have no questions regarding the checking of driving licences by an appropriate public body.

But I have bluidy deep concerns and reservations about privateers and what could happen to that information and how it could be lost, misplaced, sold even or worse, used for purposes not stated by my employers, the privateers in question, Westmidden or Whitewash hall governance or the Information Commissioner who presumably have our best interests of safe guarding data protection..

But ah'm alright ain't ah, ah ain't got nought to hide or fear, ain't ah???

Now whit wis that they said about other folk at one time, the innocent who've nothing to fear.

First they come for the jews...

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