Saturday, 20 February 2010

Another Labour MP Calls Time

Tommy McAvoy, the Labour and Co-operative MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West and the longest serving government whip, is standing down at the general election.

He was first elected to parliament in 1987 and currently holds his seat with a 16,112 majority, with the libdems and SNP very cool in his heels with 7,942 and 6,023 respectively.

Gordon Brown said Mr McAvoy had "tirelessly worked" for the people of his home town and he would be sorely missed in Lanarkshire and Westminster alike.

Jim Murphy said: "Tommy is not just an MP - he is an institution.  He is the longest serving whip of all time.

"His job has been to steer laws through parliament to change people's lives.  It is because of his work that Labour has been able to introduce so many changes which help so many people in different ways."

Different ways indeed - cutting the 10p tax, increasing surveillance of each and every one of us, introducing 'green' taxes as a way to fleece us, brainwashing our children, dumbing down our education system, sending our troops to fight in unnecessary wars - the list is endless.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but they know they are bound for a damned destination if they stay.

And another resignation on the day Brown uses a venue for electioneering. Purnell earlier this week, and now this one.

More please, encore. Further resignations when a Labour publicity stunt occurs will happen no doubt. At this rate, Brown will be afraid to make a squeak as the larder will become even emptier, metaphorically speaking.

Captain Ranty said...

What VotR said.

So far I count 136 MPs running away at a speed that would make an olympic sprinter proud.

136 down, 510 to go.

This is a happy, happy day!


Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, seems they are following the trend of seeing the writing on the wall. Lately several democRATS have either quit outright, or said they will not run for re-election. They see how ppl hate obama, and how he's ruining America, and they know voters are angry.
Cowards, but I say good riddance too!

I'm having a lovely weekend, and hope you are too SR.

subrosa said...

This one is seldom heard of up here VotR. He's very obviously a true Westminster establishment man.

subrosa said...

Well counted CR!! I'm sure there will be more. Bit selfish not declaring earlier though isn't it or is it a ploy so that the electorate can't get to know their 'new' candidate?

subrosa said...

Jings Bunni, they're early resignations right enough.

Yes I am thanks, it's a beautiful day but chilly. Fine if you're wrapped up though.

Quiet_Man said...

Good riddance, the whips office in parliament has been the enforcer of the myriad of unpleasant laws and state intrusions in our history. He may be an institution, but it's clearly an institution for the psychotic and feeble minded.

Dramfineday said...

I was going to ask who? But I see you beat me to it by providing a brief explanation. Damn but you're quick.

Did I read somewhere that he was described as a titan? As in Titanic?

subrosa said...

Actually, when I was typing the word institution QM I thought along those lines too. :)

subrosa said...

A titan? Well well, Dram, it surely must be as in Titanic. He's definitely nae oil painting onyways. :)

Strathturret said...

The very name Tommy McAvoy reeks of fat, useless, party loyalist.

I may be doing the honourable gentleman a diservice....

subrosa said...

Strathturret, I really consider it's time Westminster got rid of all this 'honourable gentleman' business. It's now a farce.

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