Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tweet Extra - Tom Harris

Tweet Extra

This tweet is from Tom Harris a few minutes ago:

TomHarrisMP "Salmond 'demands a voice for Scotland' in TV debates" but would deny Scots the right to watch them! All about the SNP, less about Scotland

Tom obviously didn't listen to the First Minister on Sky TV around 11am this morning. You can hear the FM here in conversation with Adam Boulton, although I note Sky have edited out the section about the debates and the skiing. Fortunately I recorded it. Alex Salmond said (my words) that these types of debates had been going on for 20 years here in Scotland and he would be watching them but he felt the people of the UK deserved to hear an alternative opinion.

In fact Tom, he was most pleasant and positive about the concerted effort of all in this weather, the TV debates, the number of schools open and the superb skiing at present here.

Why shouldn't the First Minister demand a voice for Scotland? That's his job. Maybe that's rather a shock to you to realise that Alex Salmond doesn't have to have permission from someone in London before he call talk to the media or anyone about this country. Time to get over it Tom.


CrazyDaisy said...


Couldn't agree more, Mr Lickspittle - "Oh I must get Gorgon' permission" get over yersel Tom ya big dreep!

Alec has nothing to apologise for, at least Scotland is moving not what I can say where I'm made to lie. 5 houses now in the stret lost to freezing conditions and burst pipes while the Defence Housing Executive sits on its arse and does nothing.

FOLK it's your tax payers money that is supposed to spent maintaining these houses which sit on land worth a cool £1M a pop.

Sorry Sr I digress but I'm bloody angry at this waste of taxpayers hard earned dosh being frittered away.

Crazy Daisy

subrosa said...

I've never known maintenance on military quarters CD, but plenty of crisis management of course.

wisnaeme said...

..and are those M O D houses still M O D, Crazy Daisy?

... or more pertinent; Have the maintenance of those M O D properties been farmed out to the privateers?

Just asking because I noticed an article concerning road gritting or the lack of it in todays sabatical Hootsmon rag entitled, "Police warning over road gritting by private firms."

...and I quote a Mr Les Gray, Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation; "Scotland's major roads have become more dangerous for motorists since contracts for gritting services were privatised, according to the leader of the country's rank-and-file officers."

Worth a read that.

Howler of the year must be the platitude uttered by oor wee parochial New Labour branch office transport spokesman, Mr gobshite Charlie Gordon himself and I quote,"this winter's weather has exposed weaknesses in Scotland's ability to cope with extreme weather and described Gray's calls for renationalising maintenance an importantcontribution to a debate that is only getting started."

So who privatised the service then, Mr proper Charlie? Do tell.

...and coming a close second in the howler of the year competition is comrade Dave Watson of Unison and his platitude of, "We have consistently campaigned against outsourcing trunk road maintenance both because private contractors work for profit, not for public service, and because the accountability of that public service becomes unclear."

That shurely is an understatement, comrade Watson.

But do tell, who supported the New Labour privateers with their comradely contributions and we're all in this together comrade's retoric?

Bluidy hypocrites.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Soon to be irrelevant sweaty has a go at irrelevant sweaty? Love this politics malarkey. ;-)

subrosa said...

I was going to do a post about that for tomorrow wisnaeme. Auch I'll still do it because we should record what Mr Gordon's dulcet tones produced.

subrosa said...

Dick, are you saying our First Minister is irrelevant?? :)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Nothing personal and all that, sweetie. :-)

subrosa said...

You'll never get a visa for Scotland at that rate Dick. :)

CrazyDaisy said...

Yes MOD houses that are allegedly privately maintained someone is out to make money off this real estate mind you the subsidence we have to live with is treacherous!

subrosa said...

How things have changed CD. I've forgotten the name of the old housing maintenance lot but why on earth has it been privatised. Possibly for a fast buck.

Also I heard a few years ago a Japanese or Chinese company was the selling agent for some properties. An old friend of mine was interested in buying an ex-MOD property and found he couldn't get any contact with these folks. His verdict was that they had the sale of the estate all tied up and didn't want the 'public' involved.

CrazyDaisy said...


MoDERN Housing Solutions do the maintenance, in the Londistan area they are at best incompetent - the management that is not the tradesmen! What disgusts me is the waste of taxpayers money, but I see I have hijacked your thread, my apologies.

Yes, someone is making money over the eventual sale of this area but with rent around here running around £2000 per month I'd rather save the taxpayer the money and live in MoD housing provided it's habitable and mine and many like me live in borderline accom.


subrosa said...

You've not hijacked the thread CD, I asked the question.

I think it's about time you were a little more selfish CD. Never had any problems with the old DoE long ago but when middle men and profiteering is involved it becomes another ball game.

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