Monday, 11 January 2010

Subrosa's Super Seven blogs

Anna Raccoon - Ecumenical Eugenics

Burning Our Money - My Chopper is Bigger than Yours

Cranmer - Strictly No Dancing

Minstrel Boy - Taliban make 'undetectable bombs out of wood'

Not A Sheep - Who's in charge of the UK?

SNP Tactical Voting - Beyond Murphy

Tory Tottie online - Response to Will Hutton

Bag of Cat Litter to:

Delphius' Debate - British Jobs for British Workers? Again?

Old Rightie - Not a Thesis But I'm Tempted

Witterings from Witney - Is This Conservative Policy?

Wrinkled Weasel - I had to include this one!


Witterings From Witney said...


Ta. As it happens the cat litter category is quite historical on your part. Marriage no2 came with a daughter, who one day made some cakes for me. They were quite nice and crunchy (dried fruit I thought) and it was only the next day I got told the cake mix had been dropped in the cat litter!

subrosa said...

Oh WfW, I couldn't type there for a wee while!

Hope you've learned dried fruit should soften when cooked.

What a super story.

subrosa said...

I should have said WfW, the mention of cat litter is because people are using it for pathways instead of cinders.

I mentioned cinders to a youngster yesterday and they thought I mean Cinderella. How sad youngsters don't see a natural fire in the house grate.

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