Tuesday, 12 January 2010

SSAFA Celebrates 125 Years

SSAFA is a charity, registered in Scotland, and one for which I have the utmost admiration.

SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Airman Families Association) has served our armed forces and their families for 125 years this year.

This charity provides health and social services, support for the ex-service community and nowadays runs a confidential help line.

Some years ago they also used to provide accommodation for those who had difficulty finding something suitable, but with so many more housing providers around these days, they now only provide accommodation for the families of those who are being treated in Selly Oak or recuperating at Headley Court. SSAFA staff can provide housing advice for those who require it.

The help of SSAFA is not only for serving personnel and their families. Anyone who has served with any of our three military services is encouraged to use their services in times of trouble. No matter how small the problem is SSAFA will take it seriously.

Over the last 125 years it has developed to suit the needs of their clients and today the services of this most professional and dedicated organisation is as much in demand as it was 125 years ago.

If you have a little free time why not think about becoming a SSAFA volunteer? I assure you it's truly rewarding work and you don't need a military background as first class training is given. You'll make some interesting new friends too.

All this sounds like an advertisement for SSAFA but I make no apology for that. This charity is exceptional in its professionalism and ability to speedily meet the challenges of military life in this modern world.


Fitaloon said...

All I can say is that both my Father and my Father-in-Law dedicated a lot of time to helping SSAFA and both found it totally rewarding, as well as keeping them busy when they were retired, sometimes too busy!

subrosa said...

Aye FL, SSAFA can take over all your free time what with the super training sessions and variable cases which can be time consuming but as you say rewarding.

They certainly show man how a charity should be run and they show certain public services up for how ineffective and unprofessional some are.

Oldrightie said...

In a corrupt socialist world it is heartening how good is so very enduring.

Gedguy said...

The first I heard about SSAFA was when I was doing a piece on Radio Tay about the military in the Tayside area. Ever since then I have backed SSAFA 100% because of the fantastic work that they do for those brave people of the Navy, Army & Air Force; as well as their families. Well done for bringing up the good that these people do.

subrosa said...

You've a great background for becoming a volunteer Ged and you'd qualify for help or advice if you ever needed it. :)

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