Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Judge Changes Court Rule to Suit Accused

The above men (plus one missing from the photograph) were arrested in Luton last year during the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment's homecoming parade.

They are accused of telling the soldiers "to burn in Hell" and branded them rapists, murderers and baby killers, a court was told on Monday. They denied the charge.

The accused refused to stand for District Judge Carolyn Mellanby who is in charge of the case at Luton's Magistrates' Court, claiming they only respect Allah.

They were threatened with contempt of court by District Judge Carolyn Mellanby as they would not stand when she entered the courtroom, as is convention out of respect to the law of this land.

Eventually a compromise was reached where they would enter the court after her during the six day trial, thus avoiding their requirement to stand. A strange compromise too because the court stands when a judge enters or leaves because a judge is deemed to represent the law of the country. It is not the judge who is deferred to but the law.

She had the law on her side and absolute power in this situation. Why did she appease the accused?

Remember not so long ago during a rape case the main witness was so upset she fled the courtroom? The woman was jailed for contempt of court, but not these accused.

The judge even gave these accused an extra twenty minutes lunch break to pray and they also have a 'quiet' room set aside for them at the court to have regular 'prayer intervals'.

What is happening in this country? When is someone in authority going to stand up for our laws and conventions? Why hasn't Baronness Scotland of Asthal, the Attorney General, stepped in and said our conventions will be recognised?

There definitely seems to be a soft-touch attitude to a certain section of our community which isn't available to the majority of us.


Tcheuchter said...

I suggest complaints are in order, to MPs, to Lord Judge (as LCJ) and to the judge in question.

Btw, Guido has an interesting comparison chart on his blog today.

Clarinda said...

There is an election coming - and perhaps Mr Brown needs all the votes he can muster - no matter what the cost to the established precedent of law and the combined court costs of the case and any subsequent appeals etc?
Crime doesn't pay - the tax-payer does.

Oldrightie said...

Clarinda has a very good point. I wonder what labours' vote share is made up of immigrant/ethnic votes? If it is say, 5% then the core is only around 22% and falling.

scunnert said...

The west is cowed by Islam. When judges won't insist on respect for the law in their own courtrooms then the law is rightly to be held in contempt.

subrosa said...

Would complaints be acknowledged Tcheuchter? I very much doubt it.

Thanks for the link to Guido. I've borrowed his chart.

subrosa said...

This is a sop to the law-abiding population I think Clarinda. I'm sure there are laws which cover this, but my thought is it's just a bit of theatre.

subrosa said...

That would be an interesting statistic to know OR. I'll have a look around to see what I can find.

subrosa said...

Agree scunnert.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

The administration of the law is secular in this country - everybody has a right to their beliefs and freedoms but no right to impose those beliefs on others nor rely on them as an excuse.

Since it's pretty obvious none of them are financial city type bandits, I can sympathise with their frustration at having to live in a dysfunctional country such as Britain.

However there is one freedom they can choose to initiate; to put their passport where their mouth is and whether for Allah, God or just for the peace of our common herd sake, find another land to vent their idiotic spleen and pompous arrogance on.

They should be locked up untill such time as they apologise to the court. And the judge in question should be removed from the bench.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Hi Rosa - bit off blog this but there's a good article in this weeks Scots Independent -Cause and effect, by Jim Lynch - it needs an adept like you to perform the cut/paste magic???


subrosa said...

None of us should be treated differently Crinkly where the law is concerned. Unfortunately there are some laws for us and some laws for others these days. I'm thinking mainly of politicians just to clarify my statement.

subrosa said...

I'll have a look at that Crinkly. Thanks very much.

Apogee said... got it in one !


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