Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

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The lovely Conan is here.


wisnaeme said...

So Lurch Murphy disapproves...

Nothing new there then. But hang on a minute, didn't we have those New Labour Britishness citizenship ceremonies partly in order to.... erm make folk feel British in their all togetherness???

So we can feel British but we can't feel Geordie, Cockney, Scouse or Brummie then? Would them folk not feel regional first, perhaps English second and thirdly, perhaps by a country mile the all encompassing mongrel label of British could be suggested as a descriptive adjective.

I mean to say, couldn't possibly have the Geodies describing themselves as English in preference to being British, whatever colour, creed or erm ethnic origin they may may be descended from. Could we? Might set a precedent that.

So we're to be all of a sameness then?
Told when to eat, when to Sh*** and to shut up and do as we're telt cos we revel in the togetherness of being British.

Ach weel that's control freakery for you, Westmidden style.
Uh Huh, divide and rule to create sameness eh?
But if folk have preferences to be different from other folk, feel different to other folk and to have a differing opinions or differing choice from other folk.
Westmidden says Nein.

That fella Orwell should have stuck around,he'd have made a fortune at the predictions, so he would.

Laterday power hungry Stalins and the comrades are still with us, that's for sure.Though the control freaks might beg to differ.

subrosa said...

It's all a nonsense wisnaeme. What does a 3rd generation Asian say? Possibly Scottish or British if they're not allowed Scottish.

Control freakery it is indeed. I think I'm away from home the night of the census. I have a date I can't possibly cancel.

wisnaeme said...

Aye, that's a fact, Subrosa.

But in the cloud cocoo land that is Westmidden and it's little helpers...

For indeed, how many times have we heard the high priests of Britishness utter platitudes of we're different in our sameness, in our special brand of British togetherness we'll do things differently?

One rule for Westmidden and another for lesser regional others, eh. Was it ever thus :(

subrosa said...

It was ever thus here in region 9 or whatever we are these days wisnaeme.

Of course it's all part of the social engineering, we must be sheeple and not individuals. Tough though because I keep insisting I'm an individual...

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