Friday, 15 January 2010

Haiti Email Scams

The Red Cross estimates that up to three million people in Haiti have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake and the devastation it has caused.

One of my readers sent me this and I thought it would be a good reminder that the world does have people who completely lack compassion or conscience and are utterly unscrupulous.

I know the article is from an American site but, as it concerns email, that's not important. It's worth ensuring friends and family know they should disregard any emails asking for money towards the Haiti disaster.

Here in the UK the agencies are asking for donations to be made to the Disaster Emergency Committee. The Scottish appeal will be launched this afternoon.

Let's do our best to ensure these criminals receive nothing from the UK.


Goodnight Vienna said...

It's absolutely shameful SR but people should know by now not to entertain email messages unless it's from someone they know.

Strathturret said...

Yes dont get me started on scammers. E mail or phone....... Grrrrrrrrrr

subrosa said...

The trouble is there any many who don't really understand email who do respond to these requests TT.

If there weren't then the obnoxious spammers wouldn't bother would they?

subrosa said...

Strathturrent, I've had some company ring me twice and three times the past couple of weeks offering to help make ma a fortune.

I've already opted out of marketing phone calls. What else can I do?

Oh btw, it's a tape that plays not a human voice.

Strathturret said...

My son was scammed by a plausible sounding outfit who offered to cancel his credit card debts. The young are gullible! Fortunately he managed to get his money back via his bank.

subrosa said...

Strathurret, that's why I posted this. It wasn't a plea for folks to donate but only for the more aware to warn the less aware.

It's not easy unless folks check the email return addresses because these people take the logos etc.

Mrs R said...

I think this is a useful post, have linked

Apogee said...

Hi SR.
Sad to say, there will always be someone who will suspend caution(and common sense) and as a result get a load of grief.
Remember that some of these traps are very sophisticated indeed!


subrosa said...

Thanks Mrs R.

subrosa said...

You're right Apogee, and they get smarter all the time.

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