Friday, 1 January 2010

Gordon Brown's Latest Stunt

It is reported today that Gordon Brown has called a summit in London to discuss radicalisation in Yemen, after the alleged failed bomb attack on a US plane over Detroit.

No 10 said the 28 January event had support from Washington and the European Union and Mr Brown aimed to attract Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

Alleged plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is believed to have linked up with Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Brown said the meeting would involve key international partners and be held alongside the conference on the future of Afghanistan, due to be held in London on the same day.

He said, "The international community must not deny Yemen the support it needs to tackle extremism. I have said before that Yemen - as both an incubator and potential safe haven for terrorism - presents a regional and global threat."

Mr Brown added that the UK had a £100m commitment to Yemen, making it one of the country's biggest donors and that Britain was providing assistance including intelligence support and training of counter terror units.

Once again, Gordon Brown thinks his opinion matters as he calls for another summit. Another jamboree which is unnecessary as any discussions could take place very easily by video-conferencing. But as we know Mr Brown has a obsessive desire to be seen as one of the 'big boys' and also to be thought of as a generous donator to his chosen world causes - using our money of course.

Is this the start of softening us up for sending troops into Yemen?

Why doesn't Gordon Brown have a summit with his own cabinet and sort out the problems within the UK rather than be concerned about the Yemen. Many who are 'radicalised' have a connection with Britain. The evidence is here for all to see, yet he ignores it.

Day by day our safety in this country is being diluted because of this man's erroneous decisions. He's no longer capable of making sound judgements.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Subrosa. Brown sounds more deluded every day. He and the brown brown (obummer) must be in on this crap, and I think they both are no longer capable of making sound judgments!

Despite all this, I hope you have a Happy New Year, 2010. Let's get all the jerks out of our respective countries starting now.

Belle said...

Gordon Brown only calls for summit conferences to make himself look as if he has engaged with the issue at stake - but what do these summits ever achieve? A lot of (taxpayer) expense in an attempt to enhance his political profile and not much else.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

The Garden called Gethsemane
In Picardy it was,
And there the people came to see
The English soldiers pass.
We used to pass - we used to pass
Or halt, as it might be,
And ship our masks in case of gas
Beyond Gethsemane.

The Garden called Gethsemane,
It held a pretty lass,
But all the time she talked to me
I prayed my cup might pass.
The officer sat on the chair,
The men lay on the grass,
And all the time we halted there
I prayed my cup might pass.

It didn't pass - it didn't pass -
It didn't pass from me.
I drank it when we met the gas
Beyond Gethsemane.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post SR. Spot on. This has nothing to do with him (although I read in the Telegraph that he had cleared it with the Whitehouse first). He is also seeking permission from America to use the body scanners.

As for the Christmas day bomber. He started in Ghana, went to Nigeria, then to Holland and from there to America. This would impact on England where? Why is Brown calling a summit?

cynicalHighlander said...

Can we not have him certified as I am sure there are saner people locked/drugged up.

Snow update over a foot and a half and its started again, whats Brown going to do about that call a summit of snowmen to find out why it snows in the winter at these latitudes.

Vronsky said...

Funny how concerns about 'radicalisation' only arise in countries which have oil, isn't it?

subrosa said...

Hi Bummi and a Happy New Year to you too.

Entirely agree these men need removing. They're playing the Bilderberg game and that's too dangerous.

subrosa said...

They achieve nothing Belle. It's posturing at our expense. I can do without our money being spent in that way and I'm sure you can too.

subrosa said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Niko.

subrosa said...

That doesn't surprise me in the least Tris. He doesn't cough without checking with his master over the pond.

subrosa said...

I'm positive saner people are locked up CH. It's not unknown for the very sane to be locked up just in case they expose the mad walking the streets or driving around in chauffeur driven cars.

subrosa said...

Yes indeed Vronsky. He's not concerned with it in this country though is he?

Ted Foan said...

Hear, hear Janet. And thanks for your New Year greetings. Same to you and more power to your elbow!

Quiet_Man said...

He has to find something for the troops to do, otherwise they might just try a coup if they were all back here ;-)

It would be popular too..........for a while.

Barking Spider said...

Happy New Year, SR!

I don't know what Brown thinks is left to rub off on him from Obama - yet another dead politician walking.

As you know, I'm with Quiet Man regarding the possible coup.

subrosa said...

Yoohoo Ted. We'll have to start practicing our campaign mode.

I see Old Holborn is making a firm stand. Good for him.

subrosa said...

QM, strangely someone said just that to me recently. They thought the military would make a better job. Trouble is with coups the military bosses start acting like defunct politicians eventually...

subrosa said...

Happy New Year to you too BS and many of them!

Yes I know you're with QM and I can certainly understand why.

Lots of unrest on US blogs about Obama's handling of the US military.

Anonymous said...

I've finally had the inclination to look further into this case. As usual all is not what it seems.

Are we being prepared for a war in Yemen next?

Vigilante said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vigilante said...

It won't take me much to get me started on Mssrs Bush, Blair, Brown and Obama. Bush and Blair were both liars. But I could at least listen to Blair. I don't know if Brown tells any truths at all but I can't listen to him without freaking falling asleep. Obama talks the right talk but does the wrong walk.

That all I have to say on that front.

But the question I ask is what mythology is conjured up that says to Europe that the way to save "the Alliance" is to follow Bush-Obama lead in Afghanistan? When, by the way, did NATO start being "Nato". It originally was the North ALANTIC Treaty Organization. What interests does the toilet known as Afghanistan (in itself a historical fiction) hold for Atlantic powers? NATO was never the North American Treaty Organization. So, how does NATO save its future unity and credibility by traipsing off under American misleadership in this expeditionary mission like the legendary Lost Patrol? What is the logic here? What am I missing?

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Stewart. We've both reached a similar conclusion I see. Worrying situation.

Ooops I don't mean it's worrying because we agree, I mean it's worrying Brown is so blatantly promoting further action in that part of the world.

subrosa said...

Morning Vigil. You're a brave man to be able to sit and listen to Gordon Brown. I don't know many who can.

You've a few interesting questions Vigil. Would you mind if I used them for a post later? It's snowing here right now and I need to get it cleared before people drive on it and turn it to ice.

Also my readers are super and will tell you the picture we see here.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Why should we pay 100m to yemen? Let them get on with it. America will see to them.

subrosa said...

Surely you know why DL. Gordon has a phycological need to show the world that money is no object in the UK. That's true. Soon it'll be worth nothing.

CrazyDaisy said...


Bliadhna Mhath Ur Madame, Broon = deluded fool.

Ok to the blog we have guys there already, one of my buddies is going for 12 months as of next week so not new, the UK already supports The Yemeni Govt on anti piracy and anti terrorism. Can't say more than that.

Hope Hogmanay was Grand, mine came to an end today!

Cold here but Idrather be there...


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't actually care that he gives Yemen £100 million. It's money that would never have come anywhere near me, or Scotland. It's meaningless. I just hope that the stupid idiotic half witted governments of the USA and the UK, along with Italy and Spain, have come to realise that going to war over terrorism only makes it worse.

But out, let them have their part of the world and we will stick to ours. Specifically we, in Scotland, will worry about what is happening in Scotland.

By and large, experts point out that organisations like the Taliban are not interested in what we do, as long as we don't do it in their territories. The trouble is that we do.

It's not our business if they don't let girls go to school or make them wear long black robes. It’s horrible but we really can’t right every wrong in the world, even if our foreign secretaries are the cleverest people in the world (ha ha); it's not their business if we let girls lie drunk in the snow with half their clothes off.... It’s horrible but for all their knowledge about these things, it’s our girls, it’s our alcohol and it’s our snow!!

subrosa said...

Happy New Year to you CD and you're better off weatherwise than here. Was -3 all day and now it's -8.

Yes I've heard some are there but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Brown proposed to send far more than. After the unsuccessful Afghan 'surge' of course.

Vigilante said...

What Tris says! To the max!

subrosa said...

I think we should know where our money goes though Tris and the article says we give more than anyone else. Why is that? We always seem to be playing the rich man when we're broke.

No it's not our business but we have politicians who can't govern here so they think they'll manage in another country instead.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, I know. We probably should SR, but to be honest I wouldn't believe Mr Brown on any of his government if they told me that sometimes the sky was blue. Come to that Cameron and his bunch of no hopers get the same cynicism.

They spend unimaginable sums of money on whatever they like; they steal money from us, and, as I've just blogged, they now have found some ancient English law that states that as MPs they don't actually have to stick to the laws of the land.

If they tell us what they’re doing with the money I won't believe them anyway. Sorry SR, I don't give a fig. It’s all imaginary anyway. We don't have a hundred million. It will have to come from China or some place that can buy up our bonds and charge us interest.

We are going to be paying for the rest of our lives for the bankers. That we will add a tiny fraction more on for whatever the Yemeni government will use it for... who cares? It was never destined for Scottish pensioners, or Scottish roads, Scottish hospitals or Scottish schools ... as I say, it doesn't actually exist.

I see what you are saying though. He's playing the statesman again (badly) and he's doing it with our money. He shouldn't. I hope in 5 months' time he won't be able to. But then he'll be replaced by another wannabe world statesman and the whole thing will begin all over again...except perhaps they'll be even meaner to the really poor.

subrosa said...

Tris, what a thoughtful and accurate assessment of the situation. I've just read your post and sadly it doesn't surprise me the behaviour of MPs.

There's going to be little or no change if the tories get in, as you say. Mind you, as they've no interest in Scotland other than the oil, that may bode slightly better for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you very much Subrosa. I'm flattered. :¬)

They will probably cut the block grant savagely, especially if they have few MPs in Scotland to take the flack. I think we are in for a very hard time.

subrosa said...

The whole of the UK is in for a hard time I think Tris, although Scotland will possibly be worst hit and Ireland least.

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