Thursday, 14 January 2010

FMQs 14 January 2010

Prior to FMQs today, Alex Salmond expressed the Parliament's condolences for the people of Haiti who have suffered the most appalling devastation and loss of life in the past days. He asked the Scottish people to contribute to the Disasters Emergency Committee which will launch the Scottish appeal in Glasgow tomorrow.

The labour leader's questions this week revolved round literacy. A report from the Literacy Commission had concluded 1 in 5 of the Scottish population cannot read or write. His first question was to as the FM what the Scottish government intended to do about it. The FM thanked Iain Gray for his constructive question (yes he did) and, in his usual elaborate fashion, replied the problem had to be resolved as a joint venture between local councils and central government, utilising the concordat. Mr Gray's second and third questions were also about literacy but the FM patiently rephrased his original response to both. Not a raised voice from either leader although the thought passed my mind that Iain Gray had slightly overdone the self hypnosis this week. He seemed slightly trance-like to me.

Poor Annabelle Goldie. It's not often we have the privilege or disadvantage (your choice) of seeing Ms Goldie blush with embarrassment but today her rosy cheeks were plain for all to see. She was intent on pushing the labour cut tory mantra and she did so successfully, but not without being admonished by the Presiding Officer and also by Alex Salmond.

Tavish Scott, looking charming in a cerise tie today and with his usual cardboard cuffs, brought the matter of the border textile industry to the attention of the FM. Due to the present economic climate another business was closing and he requested help from the government. As many of us know the textile industry is vital to the borders and further redundancies lie heavily on local economies. The textile business has changed radically in the past 50 years but some do survive by continually changing to suit their market and searching for new markets. The FM promised all the help the government could provide.

Today was quite a change from last week with agreement being most evident. Of course the first Budget vote is next week and I suspect that was in many minds during today's cordial exchanges.

If you wish to see the recorded programme visit HolyroodLive TV or BBC iPlayer. It is not yet available on either site but ought to be shortly.


Anonymous said...

I must try to listen to this later SR. It is good that there was more agreement. The rubbish that usually gets trotted out there is just embarrassing. I shudder when I remember that the PO has welcomed ambassadors and visiting presidents to a session that has become an unedifying slanging match.

They should remember that we pay them to run the country, not try to get the better of one another on the telly.

subrosa said...

Don't forget it will get nasty this year and next Tris. Election years always are and labour play fast and dirty.

Strathturret said...

Mye Annabelle Goldie was pretty pathetic. Meethinks the meter is running for Miss Goldie. Looking at the Tory benches you can't help thinking that they resemble the OAP party.

subrosa said...

I don't think they'll do anything until after the GE of course Strathturret. I don't mind what age my representatives are as long as they're effective. Few of the tories are - except wee Derek Brownlee of course. :)

Strathturret said...

I'm not really ageist, its more about attitude and enthusiasm. I think Stewart Stevenson is fantastic and he's the oldest SNP minister.

subrosa said...

Is Stewart Stevenson the oldest? My, my. I would have thought Jim Mather was older but I've never checked all the ages.

Stewart certainly is confident I'll give you that Strathturret and like all SNP MSPs he does his revision well.

Strathturret said...

I note over in the Torygraph, Alan Cochrane hasn't so much as stuck a dagger into Goldie as slayed her with his claymore!

He does make some salient points about her party being run from London. duh... Its what is says on the tin.

subrosa said...

Thanks Strathturret I haven't read that yet. Of course Alan is a raving labour supporter so he would go for the tories.

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