Monday, 25 January 2010

A Busy Week in London Town

While the Westminster government is struggling to explain its reasons for raising the UK's terror threat level to 'severe', this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be challenging days for the London police service and the British media. Gordon Brown is hosting his two summits and Tony Blair is attending the Iraq Inquiry.

Our Prime Minister loves calling summits doesn't he? It is my understanding David Miliband will sub-host the conference about Yemen which, he insists, poses a threat to the region and the UK. Repeatedly on the news last week it was reported Gordon Brown had called a halt to all flights to UK from Yemen. Did you know there are only two a week and both fly via Cairo? Why stop two flights a week?

Yesterday, another soldier was killed near Sangin in Helmand Province. The soldier was from A Company 3 Rifles and he was killed in the Green Zone area to the south of Sangin District Centre, an area where until recently insurgents had held sway. His death takes the toll to 251.

Of course the death of another soldier won't affect the Prime Minister or any politician who voted for the country to go to war. On Thursday the long-awaited conference on the future of Afghanistan will take place. The Afghanistan conference will of course include the President Karzai, the leader of the corrupt Afghan government who will possibly spend his time requesting more of our money to further grease the palms of his countrymen. Looks like the outcome of the conference has already been decided and our troops will be in Afghanistan for at least another 5 years.

Can you believe it is two months since Gordon Brown called this meeting? Two months when our military have been left without any political leadership and therefore without any fixed objectives. While Brown dithers the people who volunteer to protect us are being killed.

The German government wants to have its own new strategy on Afghanistan instead of simply sending more troops. It has set up a special cabinet committee to do it. Earlier this month the German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said, "Military means alone cannot make a stable future for Afghanistan. We will focus our concentration on civilian reconstruction efforts so that Afghanistan can begin to establish its security forces and determine its own future." Germany will make public its new strategy at Thursday's conference.

Gordon Brown would do well to read what the Daily Referendum has to say although, like his predecessor, he will ignore public opinion if it doesn't suit his plan for the New World Order.

Friday brings the other individual with a fondness for war back into the public arena where those who were against the Iraq war will be waiting to show their contempt . It's alleged Tony Blair has been spending 15 hours a day preparing for his day before Chilcott. My advice to him is to finish sharpish because Alistair and Jack won't have time to cross check. Syncronisation is key.

Aye London will be busy this week. The raised threat level wouldn't have anything to do with an attempt to scare off some who intend to protest on Friday would it? Surely not.


Oldrightie said...

Subrosa, NWO, shameless Government and an ignorant PM. Spot on and especially regarding our soldiers' deaths and maiming. The latest leak is these cretins are considering bribes to the Taliban and calling them insurgents. How can you be an insurgent in your own Lands! As for bribes, we know all about the office in Kabul that has been handling these for many years!

Robert said...

Does the raised "threat" level enable them to invoke extra powers to curb protesters I wonder ......?

I'd like to bet that the number of MPs who have family in the conflicts is zero. It's a different matter when you you're not sending sons and daughters, husbands and wives out to be killed.

Sorry for the rant Subrosa.

subrosa said...

Yes OR, I put a link to the bribery money we're expect to cough up. It's rather strange because the paper says the main funders are US, UK and Japan. How did Japan get involved?

The BBC have called the Taliban insurgents for the past couple of years. More emotive language as usual.

subrosa said...

Robert, the increase in the level puts our services ' on a higher state of awareness.' Make of that what you will.

No present MP has a close family member serving in the Afghani front line Robert.

Clarinda said...

We shouldn't get upset about terrorism and fighting wars as the terrorists and the 'enemies' have already won - haven't they?
Have we ever been in such a catastrophic civil, financial, moral or political shambles as we are in today? Mr Brown professes to be "keeping our streets safe", "fighting the evil axis/cauldrons or incubators of terror" etc. by subjugating and restricting our historic and national freedoms - in effect doing the job of the terrorist while the terrorist sustains his freedom to do what he wants aided by our cash and political incompetence. Irony?

Mr Blair is sexing up his lies of self-preservation for 15 hours a day - is he, I thought he'd only need 45 minutes?

Has Mr Brown not twigged that there are other routes to and from Yemen and the UK?

Hey-ho, with Brain-Box Ainsworth stating the date for the GE as 6/5/10 - we can look forward to a brand new set of problems to exacebate the ones we already have.

subrosa said...

Irony indeed Clarinda. I had a slight smile when I read Blair was 'exhausted' working on his presentation for Chilcot. I bet he is. Must get the stories accurate.

It was amusing the other day when I heard someone on radio ask why Brown was making such a big thing out of stopping flights from Yemen and there are no direct flights because all come through Cairo. So I checked it out and lo and behold the chap was right.

They've already started gearing things up with the rise in the threat level. Just to keep us in the permanently scared mode of course.

Anonymous said...

The "severe" status will allow them to crack down on protests for 'security' reasons. Bastards.

When the government runs short of people willing to risk their lives for Brown's war games, can conscription be far off? That all started in America, too.

Bliar is gulping an awful lot these days. Friday should be interesting.

By the way, your Kelly post is doing well on Wikio!

subrosa said...

Hi Fausty. Aye that's what I though and stuck my sarcastic comment at the end.

I think the army's fighting off any suggestion of conscription. They don't have enough manpower to do the training and really don't want certain youngster dumped on them for rehabilitation.

Oh thanks. I'll have a look. Really must put Wikio links under my posts but don't know how to do it. Anna and yourself manage fine though.

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